Monday 20 September 2010

Busy weekend for WAR's birthday

It's been one hell of a crazy weekend on Karak Norn. The double renown for WAR's 2nd birthday party has brought people out in absolutely massive numbers, I've been on the painful end of (confirmed by keep guards) 10+ Order warbands a few times. But it's not been one way traffic, there's also been huge amounts of Destro in action too. Some of the fighting in Praag was just epic, giant sprawling melees covering the ENTIRE Martyrs Square area and stretching into all the side roads at once. Great fun and the game has run pretty well throughout, with the exception of one utterly insane night in Chaos Wastes where the entire server squeezed into one zone.

The renown and almost constant AAO meant I jumped my Chosen up two renown ranks to 76 this weekend and I also hit 40 on the Black Orc, bringing me to a total of 8 level 40 characters on Karak Norn. Of course some people think I'm bonkers, but I just think I'm free and enjoying the diversity those alts bring me. That said, I will be continuing to focus a bit more on my Chosen for the forseeable future and finally getting round to hitting 80. At least that's today's thought.

Mythic said the renown weekend bonuss was to kick off the 2nd birthday celebration, which suggests there's more to come, so I wonder what else we'll be seeing? Probably a couple of items I suppose, hopefully something useful ;)


  1. I did 2 levels as well on my BW, from 53.75 to 56, which for me was excellent. I did wave to you as usual, just before a destro force turned me into a bit of road kill.

    Performance has been very poor though and I'm at a loss to explain it atm, especially since I have a good set up.

  2. That looks like a pretty epic battle. It looks like it is time to create an alt on Norn.

  3. Ah, what a weekend! :) I finally reached rr70 and 75% into 71 on my kotbs.

  4. Skar - I tried to wave back but I couldn't find you in the carnage! Crazy stuff.

    It's a great server, the only issue for you Wasd will be you playtimes and our bedtimes... Weekend mornings for you should be good though and perhaps afternoons.

  5. crazy amounts of action last night. Casualties of War reported over 4000 kills before praag locked.

    on a differnet note: Boots your useless minions has broken the guild site. need my shoutbox trolling


  6. This weekend was pretty intense our alliance vent server was just filled with endless reports of dessie WBs. We were hitting keeps filled with desto whilst getting hit ourselves by dessie trying to get in who were in turn being chased by more order.

    It took some time for order to get over the zerg mentality. 3 warbands riding from BO to BO in Reikland and leaving none in defense :( Even so it was an excellent weekend completed RR72 in two sittings so I was pleased.

    Nice to bump into you in a scen, I will find you with my own double premade next time ;)


  7. /wave VPP :D

    Don't remember any KF double premades. I tell my lot not to double queue, I think it sucks for a range of reasons, though it can still happen by accident ofc. Did have a few where we bumped into Tainted or Rigante mind you, and since we're allied that's no hardship :D

  8. Damn easy moders. Solo queueing is where it's at!

    It was crazy indeed. 30% away from RR75 DESPITE ignoring BOs and keeps that are about to be capped and missing on renown. But oh well, I like frustrating the gankers by forcing them to gang up lol.


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