Thursday 16 September 2010

Mythic! This is how to fix the scenario heal leeching scumbags

Anyone that drops out of the scenario groups to earn increased renown at the cost of teamplay is a self-centred tosser. In fact I’d say it’s a reflection of their character and attitudes in real life. To take the insult and utter disdain for these cretins further; I bet they vote Tory, think The Sun is a real newspaper and while they dare not tell anyone, pictures of Margaret Thatcher make them strangely aroused. Actually that’s not fair, being a selfish twat is not restricted to right wing chavs or inbred toffs (though it is a requirement), so I’ll refrain from making further stereotypical sweeping statements. You wankers.
If you don’t know WTF I am talking about, allow me to provide a quick and slightly poor explanation. When in a scenario in WAR it automatically groups everyone, but the system allows players to drop out of the groups and move themselves into other groups. The intention of this system is to allow players to move the healers, etc around the groups and get things balanced. Unfortunately what people have discovered is if they drop their character out of the groups, but don’t join another they can get increased renown when running in solo invisible mode, particularly when playing a healer.
There are many problems with people doing this. For example they don’t get the benefit of group abilities, other healers can’t see their health bars at all (other than the overhead ones if enabled), their team mates can’t get group healed or benefit from other group abilities, other players in the team can’t see the missing persons health bar which hampers decision making, etc, etc. So as I said above in a slightly less pleasant way, it’s purely done for selfish reasons and has no benefit in anyway for your team.
The solution is simple, in my head anyway. Mythic, please make it so that in scenarios when you drop out of the groups you get a quitter debuff that stays on until you rejoin a group.
I have absolutely no idea if there’s actually a technical reason why this would be difficult, but it would solve the problem if it were possible to implement…


  1. they definetly need to do something. But after 2 years, i doubt anything will ever change.

  2. Still, there are some that, to not miss out on other heals entirely, join Party 6. But this can be countered with following them as they jump from party to party until they get annoyed. I have engaged in this kind of stalking. It is enjoyable. I recomend it.

  3. Hmm... I dunno man. If I'm the only healer in a scenario I usually drop to solo heal. Identify people that are doing well and keep them alive, HoT the rest of the suckers. Although, I've never denied an accusation of being a selfish twat when I run my healer anyway. No one ever appreciates a DPS shammy, so they can lick my mushroom and I'll heal however I want. lol

  4. Yeah see, and they call me mean. I personally have never dropped out of a party when I'm the only healer. If and when I am I always ask for a spare space to be left in each one so I can party hop and share the group heals around. Healing only people "who are doing well" is a choice but they can't really do well if they're dead.

    Well, to each his own I guess. And I do love being praised for my selflesnessessess. :3

  5. Well said! I too follow these ass-hats around, as they constantly change parties, trying to get rid of me, until they finally whisper me and tell me to stop it.

    To which I strongly respond to stop being selfish gits!

  6. Oh Grimnir baby doll you make me feel so sad. Of course doing the solo thing is you perogative, but you are choosing to gimp your team for personal gain. There's just no two ways about it and any justifcation of it would come out looking rather poor, but at least in your case you admit to being a selfish git :P

    As for the DPS shaman thing, that's a whole other topic and once I actually side more with you on. Situationally anyway.

  7. 90% of the time as the only healer in a scen, being in a group does dick for me. DoK's group heal like the dickens, Zealots can toss Marks on their group members. Me? I do a group resist buff and bugger off since that's all a Sham is good for in a group. Shams have so much built in survivability there's really nothing that being in a group does for me. Guard? You mean when I'm within 30' of a tank I suppose. Using ST heals though I'm pumping ya full of green from 150' away. Most of the time when a WH tries to gank me, hanging out in the back lines, my 75% auto-detaunt foils their plans and Eeeek! punts them far enough away that Gork Sez Stop! will kill them if I kite for a few seconds.

    Maybe you guys just get boned with bad healers or something. I recommend not pugging, and if your premade healer drops group, well that's a different issue. :)

  8. Oh its nothing to do with pugging or bad healers, but I can't help who else gets in the scenario outside of my lot. Anyways, that's just distracting from the point.

    Your reasons still don't wash, you've still gimped the overall at a glance understanding of the scenario, you're not getting any group heals, you've removed your ability to even have the option of using your own group heal, etc, etc. The only benefit to not being in a group is the exra renown, nothing you say about a lack of benefits to justify that will wash, sorry :P

    If you're the only healer 90% of the time, I can imagine as a DPS shammie you will get a lot of shit in that situation :P I think the general healer shortage is destruction wide, but we're not quite that short over here thankfully. Not quite..

  9. I can't remember exactly, but I think in WoW if you ungroup in an instance you get ported back to your bind point in like 15-30 seconds.

  10. Well, my thought on this is to allow everyone else in the scenario the option to block incoming heals from the 'solo leacher'. Therefore they cannot leach off the dps and groups that are doing well in the scenario. This would stop their ability to gain the extra renown by running solo forcing them to stay in a group.

  11. Tis a bit futile to complain about how other players play, I guess they could stick in some measures to keep people grouped, even better give them incentives to stay grouped. I don't think I've ever had the most renown in a scen when grouped, despite say healing twice as much damage as the top DPS.

    I notice there is no complaint about DPS going solo. You also can't account for those that can't play, and those that probably have a film on at the same time because they are just grinding for their weapon :)

  12. The complaint applies to the solo DPS too, totally. The impact is less obvious ofc, but it still sucks.

  13. If I couldn't go solo DPS in a group, I'd stop queueing scenarios for anything but Insignia.

    As a Witch Hunter, I seldom get targeted seriously for heals by the healers. The tanks get them. The other DPS get them. However, more than half the healers in this game think healing a melee DPS with the armor with a caster is a bad idea. Sadly, I don't entirely disagree with them.

    Hence, I go solo and gank the spawn point (or healers at the back of the group). Besides the reason I gave above, why should I be sharing my renown with the rest of the group? The rest of the group didn't follow me to the back of the line, virtually guaranteeing death, to help me get a suicide kill. They didn't (and couldn't) heal me or guard me. Why should I lose over 80% of the kill renown to those who, 90% of the time, contributed nothing to earning it except distracting the front line?

    It's the nature of the beast, I fear. If I'm not premading, or the group isn't farming the enemy team at the spawn, I go solo. It makes scenarios bearable.

  14. Sometimes a group just isn't worth it. When I PUG scenarios there are times I just drop the group for the extra renown. Usually after something frustrates me enough to give up trying to be a teamplayer and go solo. Why share renown with people who ignore multiple DPS on me or still don't seem to know what guard does?

    Still it frustrates me as well when someone starts the scenario solo. At least give the group a chance.


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