Monday 6 September 2010

Must.. stay... on... target.. Doh.

There is a problem with being an Alt-Whore like me, that being spoilt for choice and having moments where I just can’t decide what to focus on. I’ve got different little targets for each character, but to reach all requires a bit more spare time than I’ve got.

I sorta decided my priority now is to get Bootae (my Chosen) to RR80, I’m RR74 now and have just the Sovereign gloves to acquire for full sov, so it makes sense. But who am I kidding… I know I won’t be able to purely stick with playing one character. Already since deciding to focus on Bootae I’ve snuck onto my Black Orc and got a another level there (36 now), played with Choppa specs, did a dungeon with both my WE and Squig Herder, oh and played my DoK too…

I wish I was better at staying focussed. Perhaps it’s a good thing, I’m a hell of a lot less likely to burn out or get bored. Yet with new realm ranks and content that maybe linked to them coming out before the end of the year, I suspect I will regret not getting 80 on Bootae if I don’t do it before then.

hmmmmmmm but but but... doh.


  1. Well with the distinct lack of active wellgeared/played chosen in KF atm would make sense to stick with boots :)

  2. In response to this lack of active wellgeared chosens I am in the process of leveling... my awesome BlackGuard!

    Yes he's rank20 now and I'm so happy.
    Nevermind the 3 rk 40s I have below rr35. Once you hit the first 40 half the fun is already gone :P

  3. Same here, I'm at 77 and I keep switching chars over and over.

  4. I'm bad for this as well. I levelled a Sword Master to 40 and I've not even really played her since; she's sitting at rr32. I've got my White Lion sitting at rr65 and I want to get him to rr70 for my warlord set. My Archmage is sitting at rr70 and I want to get him to rr80 for Sov and the renown cap increase.

    Yesterday I said to myself "Okay, today I'm going to spend the day solo roaming as a DPS AM for good renown" and I ended up leading a guild warband for a few hours, doing a LOTD PQ crawl + tombs and then an LV run. So much for solo roaming!


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