Friday 10 September 2010

Magus (and engineer... spit spit) changes in development revealed!

Andy has just posted up some in development changes for the Engineer and Magus. You can find the post here, but for your convenience through the power of ctrl+C and V here’s the info:

One of our long-standing goals for the Engineer and Magus careers has been to make their Turrets and Daemons, respectively, more meaningful and impactful in a synergistic way, to help reinforce their role as a central part of those careers' gameplay experiences. We've mentioned in several Q&As that this is something which has been on our plate, and we're now able to provide some details on exactly what we're planning:

• For Engineers, a portion of the character's Ballistic Skill, Weapon Skill, and Wounds from equipment will also affect their turrets.
• For the Magus, a portion of the character's Intelligence and Wounds from equipment will also affect their daemons. Additionally, the daemons' autoattacks will now deal magical damage - Elemental for the Pink and Blue Horrors, and Spirit for the Flamer.
• For both careers, the character will begin receiving a new effect while they remain near their turret / daemon - Improvised Upgrades for the Engineer, and Unholy Empowerment for the Magus. This effect will start as a +4% damage buff, and will increase every 2 seconds by another 4%, up to a max of +20% damage after 10 seconds. If the character moves away from their turret / daemon, the effect will begin dropping back down, eventually fading from them entirely until they return to their turret / daemon's side.

We look forward to your feedback.

Very interesting… That’s a potential 20% damage increase which (if you’re specced in demonology) can be combined with a tactic for a total of 35% more damage. That’s also before you take into account the buff to pet damage. At the moment pets for a Magus are little more than remote control bombs, this could change that completely and not only make pets better, but give Magus a more unique play style. Obviously there are questions around survivability, since pets die almost instantly now, but with the further wounds perhaps this will change?

Huge potential here, looking forward to testing this.


  1. Sounds pretty nice....maybe time to roll a Magus??

  2. I've got one at 40 :) TBH its quite enjoyable already, when you're grouped in tier 4. They're pretty good in the lower tiers in any situation though, so leveling wasnt a hardship.


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