Thursday 13 May 2010

Sorcs & Bright Wizards get a big AoE nerf

Confirmation by Mythic here.

I'm not perfectly versed with the details of playing a Sorc or BW, but I'm reliably informed that this is a major nerf, in particular to Bombing.

Excellent news for all other WAR players if so, especially so if you play a class not in the holy trinity of bombing.


  1. Oh my god BW whining is going to be at an all time high...Half of order is going to quit, cause half of them are fricking BW's

  2. I didn't find a fitting picture to link to so I'm just gonna say it...

    Bombing sorc seal of approval!!

  3. The nerf is that SE / SP is now going to cost 20 combustion instead of AP. so if they want to spam it they will end up doing no crit and no damage.

    They are saying the reason for this is that they were too imbalanced in the city.

  4. As a non-BW/Sorc this is awesome news!

  5. Hurray!

    oh wait, this simply means you need a spell rotation to bomb, instead of mashing a single button..

  6. It will still happen. Get your Kleenex ready.

    Flame Breath, Fiery Reserves Tactic. = AOE instacast running at 100 combustion.

    Focused Mind, Fiery Blast = AOE spread out with equal damage to all with a 50% reduction in buildup timers.

    Let's see how long before these two viable specs get nerfed.

  7. Too bad this wasn't years ago. It's been unbalanced for far too long. They might have kept more subscribers back in the day. Too late.


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