Saturday 15 May 2010

Nerfage - Apparently this was one of the key moments...

This scoreboard is from a screenshot doing the rounds from the EU city testing that led to a sudden wave of Mythic's nerf bat. Though Mythic claim they had it planned long before, which is of course quite possible, but I would be surprised if this utter spanking didn't make a bit of an impression :P

The names look like a warband from the Norn guild VII, one of Order's best on our server. Not sure who took the screenie, full credit to them, whoever it was.

Click the image to enlarge.

Not much to say, since this tells it's own story really...


  1. That is some serious DB's.

  2. Yup, pretty damn horrific eh? Plus the damage done is just insane, the other DPS classes didn't need to turn up really. And check how much renown lol

  3. Well..I just have to remember those US-forums posts stating that bombing groups aren't that much of a problem ;)

    Keep in mind..this is the city this is a longer fight than the typical 5-15min scenario (where they would still be at around 500k to 1M).

  4. Yeah but look at the ratio between players for damage and killing blows. The length of the city siege does put extra empasis on the totals, but it's th utter irrelevance of the other DPS that is the key point me thinks ;)

  5. Wonderful thing and yet sutch a common knowledge here on european side. And i have to agree that their "planned" nerf on SE was moved ahead entirely by the grand spanking they got on EU servers. They didnt come up with that when they tested on the NA side but when they visited EU side.

    2-3 million damage is one nasty ass numbers, in a SC id say they would be closer to 700k-1 mill damage.


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