Wednesday 12 May 2010

It’s a plague and it’s red and it’s probably a portent

Public Test Server Q&A, transcript from Gaarawar.

Q – What is the Red Plague all about and how will it affect the game?

James - It’s a plague and it’s red and it’s probably a portent.

A portent indeed, exactly as the warhammer lore tells us...


  1. lol

    think that pretty much confirms it rly

  2. there were a few other comments too where carrie say's that expansion is a subjective word and then goes on to say that they are not only working on patches. She also said she was really excited about patch 1.4 though.

    James and Carrie also let slip that new mounts are in the works. I would assume that this what 1.4 is about.

    I also posted earlier that in this months WD (GW's magazine) there is a photo of the GW game devs fighting a battle between the brets and the skaven set at the time of the red plague/pox. It was pretty cool given all the speculation.


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