Wednesday 2 September 2009

WCPI - WHA has an interview with Jeff Skalski...

...and it's well worth a read. Bit of an insight into Mythic's current state of mind and some clues to career balance changes that we'll be seeing in the next patch.

The 4 specific points mentioned for career balancing sound very sensible. I'll be most interested to see what else those much maligned classes get.

And see the bold red bit for the key point in this comment "The first phase of our city siege revamps have occurred, making the end-game even more entertaining and action-packed."

There's more clues to what maybe in the second phase further on in the interview.

Oh and underdog system! Could be good :)


  1. A good interview and at least some honesty about the early issues. Yes hindsight is a wonderful thing, but the number of beta testers who said it wasn't ready to go live over a year ago, was significant.

    I don't think they launched with that many more servers over what they needed. It's more the chronic retention was the problem. The number of copies of presales were high, just couldn't keep the people playing the game.

    My main issue is how are Mythic going to grab back that lost subscriber base, in a market that's as busy as it is now? The addon is going to need to be a master stroke of game design to undo the 1st 1 - 3 months.

  2. Absolutely. I think for now they need to go with a slow burn (well not that slow) and keep the new focus of working on quality and balance, try to keep as many people as possible and a trickle of others lured back. Despite the doom and gloom elsewhere, there are people resubbing. Over the last week or two I've personally seen a load of old players return, but it' keeping them that's the key.

    As for an expansion.. yup it's got to be a master stroke of such epic quality it would make Zeus himself weep.


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