Sunday 13 September 2009

Blogger Challenge! What is YOUR ultimate MMO group?

I had a surprising moment a while back when I was choosing which of my World of Warcraft level 70 characters I would take up to 80. My first idea was to use my old “main”, a fury DPS specced Warrior. What I discovered was directly comparing character archetypes between games, without relying on bias memory alone, can lead to large piles of MEH! I can safely say I will never, ever play that Warrior again. When compared with my Chosen and Choppa from WAR, it feels floaty and to be frank, a bit shit. There’s no feeling of connection between your weapons and your enemy, its just numbers flowing upwards and no oomph. Somehow WAR’s melee feels so much more substantial. Perhaps it’s the different pace of combat, the associated sounds, the visuals themselves, or a combination of them all. I’m not sure, but whatever the reason it came as a bit of a shock. I played that character for years; did it always feel so lacking in clout?

Anyway, before I go tangenting away even further from what this topic is meant to be about....
*/slap Bootae*
The whole episode got me wondering, if WoW's melee DPS suck compared with WAR, which MMO has the best melee DPS ever? In fact what are the best ever classes for everything? Which then got me thinking up my ultimate 6 man group, picking classes from any MMO I've played. A group made up not only of the most effective, but also the most stylish, fun to play and all round bloody cool.

So my challenge to readers and fellow bloggers is; pick your ultimate super group!

Only rules are:
1) The group must consist of 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 DPS.
2) MMOs only
3) Give some reasons why.

Here is my group of total uberness:

Chosen (WAR)
It looks amazing, IMHO the best looking character in any MMO ever. Equally good as a main or off tank, respectable damage and auras that both buff your allies and debuff you enemies. Flexibility and awesomeness combined in spikey armour. This is up there with my very favourite classes of all time. Pure pimpdom.

Paladin (WoW)
A heavily armoured tank, that’s also hard hitting and can heal? AND has excellent buffing abilities? You still want more? OK then, one word: Bubble.

Who would have thought an entire enemy faction would tremble in fear (or frustration) from a god botherer blowing bubbles? Strange world of warcraft.

Cleric (DaoC)
They hit like a truck, could heal like buggery and for a long time were invincible killing machines. Excellent healers in both PvE and PvP and with a smite spec they could be devastating. In chain mail, nice.., One of the best healing classes ever.
Druid (WoW)
Treeform… I mean come on guys, it’s a walking tree and it can dance too! The undisputed king of HoT healing and the most fun class I’ve ever played as a pure healer.

Bright Wizard (WAR)
Insanely powerful damage, good crowd control and a crazy haircut. Without doubt they have had more impact on RvR than anything else in WAR. I hate the buggers, but there is no doubting their uberness. It’s hard to think of a DPS class anywhere near as potent. Except for the next one...
Mage Tamer (UO)
The power of a traditional nuker, but with a tamed Dragon or worse in tow? Not some little hunter pet crap, oh no, we're talking about a full on Dragon. Oh yeah baby! I can quite confidently say that if you've not played a Mage Tamer in Ultima Online, then you haven't experienced REAL power in a MMO. The single most devestating character set up ever, but one that took a lot of time, practice and persistence to suceed with. Ahh memories ;) Taming my first Nightmare... Glorious!

Now my friends, over to you!


  1. Good one!

    - Druid (WoW)
    - Ironbreaker (WAR)

    - Warrior Priest (WAR)
    - Shadow Priest (WoW)

    - Slayer (WAR)
    - Warlock (WoW)

  2. Tanks
    - Chosen (WAR)
    - Paladin (WoW)

    - Druid (WoW)
    - Disc Priest (WoW)
    Did I hear survivability?

    - Savage (DAoC)
    - Pre-fix Berserker (DAoC)

  3. It's got to be Midgard healers from DAOC.

    1. DAOC Midgard Healer - Pacification speced, what with excellent healing, aoe mez and aoe stun.
    2. DAOC Midgard Healer - Mend/Aug Spec. Healer.

    1. DAOC Midgard Spirit Master (Dark Specline) + Pet.
    2. Not sure about this one.

    1. DAOC kobold Warrior (bodyguard).
    2. Not sure about this one.

    Now this is a very difficult breakdown, since DAOC groups were 8 strong and the whole class mechanics and interupt systems are completely different, so I have had to drop out the DAOC Midgard bonedancer, Midgard Valkyrie & Shaman.

    Alot this really depends on the job role, what are they are there to do. I could spec a healer to do a job which may be to keep himself alive, which doesn't necessary mean he is spec'd to keep the a group alive.

  4. Here is my post...

  5. Great idea bootae.

    Tank 1 - Black orc war, Cant hit me!
    Tank 2 - I dont need a tank I have crowd control from an orginal Everquest Enchanter

    healers 2 everquest Clerics with epics, Greater heal chain ftw

    DPS - Wow Rogue
    Dps 2 - Fire.Fire blaster from City of Heroes

  6. TANK
    Warrior Priest {WAR}
    Warrior Priest {WAR}

    Warrior Priest {WAR}
    Warrior Priest {WAR}

    Warrior Priest {WAR}
    Warrior Priest {WAR}

  7. LOL @ Scrunti

    Cheers for the responses guys.

    Damn how could I forget Midgard healers, they were a ruddy nightmare to fight. Though that was Mid generally :P

    Snort, I was pondering on a CoH character myself. I used to like the force stuff and the big knockbacks, but certainly not as full on pokey as the fire boys.

  8. hehe, I love that you said Bright Wizards are from Wow...I'll have to think about the list though as my MMOs didn't have things so easily defined as what you've listed.

  9. played Mid for years but still forgot about them aswell....

  10. Hah! Lovely post. And I swear to god I didn't see it before I just did my "what single class" post. This whole hive-mind blogger thing gets freaky.

    Which reminds me though, you're not in my RSS feed. Well, you are now. :P

  11. All I need are 6 Chosen, all running different Auras. We would crush everything in our path. Muhahahaa

  12. Hah now there's a phrase I've not heard in a while ;)

    I had a go with my tamer earlier this year. They're still uber :D

  13. But its just not the same without 5 frost wyrms at Brit gate in Felucca :(

  14. Being a little bit more specific ;) This is truly my star line up.

    My brother's Bear Druid (WoW)
    Azaghal the IronBreaker (WAR)

    Lildevil the Zealot (WAR)
    Thuirren the Paladin (WoW)

    Myself as either Mage (WoW) or Sorcerer (Aion)
    Silvo the Rogue (WoW)

    You can pick whatever classes you want. In the end it comes down to group attitude and synergy, and I've got some champions in my line up.


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