Thursday 3 September 2009

Altdorf Revisited

A couple of posts back I talked about my first visit to the new Altdorf and the revamped city sieges. Since that post I’ve been back to Altdorf, but this time I was in an instance full of players from both sides. It was really, really good fun. What an amazing transformation from the previous RvE fest! Seriously, it was brilliant.

As previously stated the city siege starts off with a giant version of Nordenwatch and with a busy instance this stage was where the most fun is to be had. I was fortunate enough to be leading a warband half full of Kill Frenzy and topped up with friends from other guilds who had joined us on ventrilo. Fighting alongside was a warband made up of members from one of the other major Destruction alliances, which when combined with us lot meant Order were in for a proper scrap. The Order we were facing were not so organised and struggled to match us, but they made up for it with bloody-minded persistence. They just kept trying to zerg us, constantly… After every wipe they formed up and WAAAAGHH!! We had to play with some cunning. While the other warband held them off and used choke points to nullify their greater numbers, my warband would make flanking moves through the city’s winding streets. My favourite is a good tuna mayo sandwich (with cucumber and plenty of pepper ofc), but that night I got a taste for Order.

We might have won the battles, but there was no pause and no let up for a second. Fair play to those Order, they just kept hurling themselves at us and refused to quit. If WAR’s blood effects didn’t fade, then the streets of Altdorf would have been waist deep in blood and gore.

Eventually we got Altdorf to the new “captured” state and decided to have a crack at the recalibrated Bright Wizard College raid. After battling through those stubborn Order (which took a while, they REALLY did not want to quit) we made it into the instance. I know some people had problems/bugs with this instance, but for us it worked perfectly. We first timed it and some of the guys got some nice Warlord loot. Afterwards we went back out, battled the Order yet again and then after a bit of a kafuffle we got into the Temple of Sigmar raid instance. This didn’t go so well. I’m not entirely sure if that was down to us doing it wrong or not. I’ll not call it bugged, as that might be unfair; I think it’s more likely we just didn’t have our tactics down right. Anyway, after a couple of tries on the Grand Theogonist I had to log off. It was getting rather late and I was feeling the impact of a rather good Sicilian Merlot.

I remain unconvinced by the raid instances, they’re ok, but are a bit of an anti-climax after the massive fighting against players beforehand. That said they are a clear improvement from their previous incarnation and it wasn’t a bad experience. Also in the interview I linked to yesterday Mythic have alluded to making the Warlord and King phases involve more RvR, which can only be a good thing.

Right now, the fighting in the streets was the best stuff by miles. Whilst in theory it’s only a small change, in practice it’s been a huge step forward. You never know, maybe one day we’ll see City sieges that match the one on that oh so uber video. You know the one, it teases us everytime we start the game.


  1. Great post! Been following your blog for a while now.

    Our server has been to Altdorf since the patch, but couldn't lock stage 1 due to Order not queing for SC's. Have you noticed anything to get around that? Does queing 36+ people give you SC points without getting pops?

  2. Heyas, thanks for reading :)

    Hmmm tbh I've no idea. The thing with both of the times I've been since the changes there was enough Order on that there was multiple full instances. The first time I went I was just unfortunate to have arrived late and ended up in an empty one.

    Though I suspect regardless of the lower level scenario, completing the Tier 4 PQ could get enough points for capturing the city. That can be done without any Order, but it's dull of course and it maybe many people didnt bother if they were in an empty instance.

  3. It is good to see the City Seige hitting the mark for you. I have been once since the change. But totally overwhelmed by Destruction.

    Hopefully that will change next visit.


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