Tuesday 29 September 2009

1.3.2 patch notes are up

Check them out: http://herald.warhammeronline.com/patchnotes/index.php

 Gotta crash out now and won't get near the PC until late tomorrow. Will try and post some thoughts asap.

One thing though... Fortresses have been removed from the Campaign, but NOT had their new function implemented. They're just empty. That's a real shame, but maybe it will mean when they do get patched in they will have had enough dev time...


  1. They still open up for Conq gear, it's just that the city is available at the same time I believe.

  2. The patch notes says there are no hostile guards in there though. Sure that means the fort will be completely empty?

  3. I think Conq gear will drop in the keeps with the new system for increased reward.

    The forts are indeed completely empty, according to those patch notes.


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