Tuesday 22 September 2009


How this got under my radar I don't know... Thankfully over at the wall of text it's been drawn to my attention.

This is an MMO I will be watching out for. I've applied to the beta today, so fingers crossed...

Could be a bit special...


  1. Realtime Worlds made Crackdown on 360. If the hole in the centre of the disc was bigger or my cock was smaller I'd probably try to make sweet love to my copy of Crackdown on a regular basis, so colour me interested :)

  2. Hell no, you can't contemplate leaving for this. There is a reason we play MMO's, it's to escape. If I wanted this, I would go into the city :)

  3. Plopped down my beta ask for this awhile ago. The videos on Youtube showing the character customization alone is worthy of $50. Can't wait to see more of this as we get closer to an eventual release although I don't know what their timetable for that is. Likely early next year.

  4. Skar - I'm not contemplating leaving tbh, I'll keep WAR active regardless of pretty much anything, just for the hope (vain as it maybe) that mythic get the game sorted out. How much I play it is a different matter. Whilst it remains all zergs or buggy PvE, then that time is under threat :P I'll still be here though. I'm considering retreating into the Duelling scene for a while and leveling up my Shaman.

    But that doesn't mean I won't be on the look out for other MMOs ;) This looks like it good be a good laugh.

  5. You got me Boots, this game looks amazing. Like an online GTA4...

    Not gonna kill my WAR sub for it, but if they let me in the beta I'd probably sway off the WAR blogging for a bit.

  6. Looks awesome!! Signed up for beta aswell!


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