Thursday 24 September 2009

Real men have a tache

A bunch of us at work have shaved off our collection of magnificent beards and this month have been growing Moustaches of Uberness for charity. All cash raised goes to the Everyman charity which helps fight testicular and prostate cancer. Bloody good cause tbh because people bang on about breast cancer (which is fair enough ofc!), but bugger all is said about the loads of men dying from these foul afflictions. Damned stupid insular males that we are.

If you feel like giving Nurgle a slap and sponsering us, or you just want to have a butchers at our images of hirsute wonder, please head to our Tacheback team page. I'm the handsome devil "Tache Machine".

I'll sacrfice a dwarf in the name of any kind souls donating ;)

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