Tuesday 8 September 2009

Aion can’t come out soon enough

I’m so bored of people smothering WAR forums with their hate for WAR and telling us how we should all go play Aion. No thank you! I don’t like the fairy elf look, don’t like the game play and whilst WAR has its problems, I’m quite happy here. Now please bugger off and post your crap on Aion forums, after all you’re not playing WAR and don’t like the game, so why are you reading and posting on WAR forums? Or if you really must spew your bile then please make a blog and put it there, that way at least we have a choice to read or not, rather than stumbling into it in threads about totally unrelated topics.

People that have not played the game in months telling us how WAR is dying, how the servers are all low/low, that it will be turned off by Christmas, blah bloody blah. Bollocks mate. The server I’m on is high/high most nights, in fact in the evenings looking at the server list there’s only been a handful on low/low and some nights none. I can’t speak for others, but in my guild we’re getting as many people reactivating as we are quitting and I’m regularly meeting new people just starting the game. Plus have folks no bloody clue on MMO population numbers? It has to get insanely low before a game is turned off, simply because subs generate so much cash.

Not that WAR is blameless here, the game sold in the region of 800,000 copies at launch and I don’t know how many more afterwards, which at the last count was reduced to 300,000 subscribers in the US/EU. So that’s at least 500,000 potential haters twiddling their thumbs until Aion/Champions/whatever :P

Hopefully once Aion comes out they’ll be too busy fluttering about (well when flight works, it’s not the limitless flying you may have hoped for) and we’ll not have everything invaded by WAR hating Aion fans on some crazed self justification trip.


  1. I don't disagree, they shouldn't be trolling forums of a game that they obviously have no love for. You don't see me hanging around the WoW forums.

  2. Any post that gets to use the word bile, gets a big tick from me.

    I think people will find that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

  3. I been away from war for a MONTH, due to moving house and no internet.

    Last night and night before myself and my wife logged in,
    Spent hours in scenario que, no scenarios. Spent ages looking for RvR, no RvR. In end we just did PQ together and got bored stiff.
    No one was even in chat!

    Without puns intended, I think it was me and my wife only on the server!
    We are on Karak eight peaks.

    THis aint a "LOVE AION" post, Never played it and I won't. I love WAR, but serisouly in a month has everyone left? I remeber constant battles and stuff before!

    When will servers merge, not sure how long I can take of empty no action server! and my wife is not happy to re-roll another!

  4. Hmmm.. I've only got tier 1 Order alts on Karak Eight Peaks. Tier 1 has been quite busy when I've been on, but I've no clue about Tier 4 there. It might have been a night where everyone was in Hunters Vale, certainly on Norn the first few days of the live event people were farming that hard. Or is KEP like that most nights?

  5. @Waz

    Last night the action from about 8.30 - 10pm, was in Praag, at least from an order point. I suppose the word action is slightly misleading, since it was a zone capture. I didn't really get to see any destruction, since by the time I arrived, it was kind of like roadkill.

    So if you are destruction, your colleagues would have been in another zone by 9.30pm, since at one point on a keep capture, I was only 66th for the gold bag in the order list, so there maywell have been many more order in the zone.

  6. @Waz

    Can't speak for your server but it could have been a culmination of things. The last day of the Live Event. And despite many complaining about doing tasks, probably a lot of folks were running around trying to wrap up the event.

    I've noticed hit-or-miss on Iron Rock the past few weeks. Late August/early September is the tail end of summer so I assume many were wrapping up vacations and getting ready for school. We had some weird concentrations of players the past week which I attribute to the Live Event funnelling most people to the Elf zones.

    When I login I see at least Med/Med if not High/High.


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