Thursday 23 July 2009

Uhm so like woah... first impressions of the patch are good??

Ok first off I've not even logged in with my Magus, so this is putting that probable gimpfest aside.

WAR has been amazing tonight. We've been fighting in Dragonwake for hours and the combat is totally reinvigorated. I've had zero lag and this is in large scale scraps, lots and lots of warbands fighting. The bane of a melee class' life, the Out of range bug, HAS finally been fixed. The fights themselves are lasting longer and have been much more enjoyable. If this is what nerfing everyone's AoE does... bloody good move.

  • This is only after one night.
  • Bright Wizards have a new trick for insane damage. Not sure if Sorcs have the same thing.
  • And again, this is only after one night.
  • My Quake ability is bloody shite now.

No big issues so far. Hopefully I'll be still be happy after a few more days. Not counting my chickens yet mind you.


  1. The Bright Wizard "trick" has been reported, confirmed, and a fix is being worked on for a stealth patch, if not done already.

    Also, all CC is shite now. This is a good thing. :)

  2. Other than my class being gimped, I would state that this patch has been well received, as it should be. Overall, the changes are a good thing.

  3. oh no my trick is not a secret any longer....maybe I will use 20 of my other spells that do at least 1k dmg, and crit 9/10 times.


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