Saturday 11 July 2009

Mechwarrior 5

Ok this isn't about WAR, so bite me :P

I'm a huge fan of the Mechwarrior games, in fact I still have Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries installed and am tinkering with the single player campaign again. I used to be in an excellent clan (Alpha Strike) for MW4 and played online a LOT. They really are great online shooters, these are games where team play, cooperation and cunning will beat brute force and ignorance. I can't wait for the new version :) There's a bunch of my guildies that used to play MW4, so expect to see Kill Frenzy stomping about in Mechwarrior 5 :)

I notice I'm not the only blogger interested in this, seem Rivs spotted it before me. And judging by the effect on his crotch he's as excited as me :P

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  1. i couldn't remember the last mechwarrior, but i've loved the series (especially when you can fight or be a clanner)! really wish they're make a new one!


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