Monday 6 July 2009

Land of the Dead review – first follow up comments

There has been a most definite RvR resurgence on Karak-Norn. Since I wrote my first review of LotD I’ve seen a steady increase in activity outside of LotD, which includes people that have gained access to LotD staying to fight in Tier 4 instead of running for the flightmaster.


Recently my guild had some epic battles in Praag against much greater numbers of Order and I have to say we performed amazingly well. We only had 2 and a half groups in our warband, but we managed to repeatedly wipe 3 times our number outside the Destruction warcamp in Praag. The old Rift bot / Chosen / various AoE combo was in full effect and resulted in an insane amount of loot :D After a while Order wised up and started sending large numbers around to flank us, which got a bit hairy as warbands hit us from multiple directions. We refused to run and fought to the death :D Great fun. Also I have to salute all the Order we fought in Praag that night, when they gained LotD access they stayed put and kept fighting. We had a great couple of hours fighting and I’m really looking forward to more.


Moments like this becoming more regular again bodes well for LotD’s long term impact on WAR. I can see it settling in as a nice alternative optional thing to do, rather than being the entire end game in a zone. It’s been particularly pleasing to see Order (and to a limited extent Destruction) gain LotD access but still go on a big T4 RvR offensive, instead of just vanishing into the desert. I’ve taken part in some decent sized fortress battles, which actually ran pretty well too. Possibly this is a side effect of players being spread out across the game world more and the zones not being so stretched, Mythic would have to confirm that, but whatever it was a refreshing change.


Unfortunately due to a bunch of our healers being on holiday/stuff I’ve barely got to the Tomb of the Vulture Lord again. The one time recently that I did get in there we had a bit of a sods law moment, which demonstrated another thing with the Invasion system that I think could do with some tweaking. Order invaded the instance seconds before we wiped on the boss, which meant we couldn’t respawn. That’s a bit poor really, if we get invaded I’d like to at least have a chance to fight the Order. I’ve no problem at all with being purged and kicked out of the zone by the Order killing us, but being booted out purely by Order entering the instance is frustrating. Perhaps if we get invaded during a boss fight, we could have a one off respawn somewhere near the boss. Then we’d actually get a fight. A minor gripe perhaps, it’s not going to happen all the time or anything, but a frustration none the less.


Anyways, things seem to be settling down with LotD, which is all good. For me the only thing I'm really interested in with LotD is the Tomb of the Vulture Lord and the odd skirmish, but should I fancy popping into some Lairs or doing a few PQs, then it is nice to have more options.

Oh and one more thing... MYTHIC! FIX GUILD CHAT

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  1. Same effect on Iron Rock. The RvR has picked up and even after locking LOTD the fight rages on. Many were quick to jump on LOTD after it first launched saying it killed the game ... but who didn't see the critisism coming? New zone so of course players would want to go there and spend time there. The shine isn't as bright and now RvR is ramping up again.

    Destro pushed hard the other night taking Shining Way and making a serious push on Reikwald. We truly thought we'd be in the city but somehow they lost some steam or we just fought them off. Either way it was a lot of fun.

    I'm sure Mythic has been gathering feedback about the new zone so I'm sure we'll see some tweaks coming to improve it and the mechanics of locking it down.


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