Monday 20 July 2009

AoE nerfage

The latest WAR patch is up on the PTS at the moment, which as everyone's probably seen includes an across the board nerf to AoE.

People are already crying, most of which is a load of old cock, but is a bit more valid for others. Whilst all AoE being nerfed sorts out the Bright Wizard/Sorc/Engineer/Choppa/Slayer AoE of Doom, it also makes the weak classes even weaker. For example Magus are hit hard by this nerf, a class which is already desperately struggling for popularity. I know Marauders are extremely unhappy, not so much that their AoE got nerfed, more that their class is in need of fixing not nerfs.

However, Mythic doing this across the board AoE nerf is actually sensible. In theory it instantly sorts out the AoE mania buggering up RvR now and it gives them the ability to balance up abilities and classes that need it. They key though is for Mythic to be very clear with their player base about what's going on. Otherwise you'll continue to see people quitting because there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for their gimped class. Mythic probably think they're posting and commenting more than enough, but seriously guys the player base needs reassurance right now.

My guild is large enough to regularly have full guild only warbands, but is now down to 1 active Marauder and Magus. That says it all.


  1. PTS is down and prepping 1.3b to go live :/

    Like, just happened. Shortest test evar, imo.

  2. Bloody hell. I hope that means it went well...


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