Saturday 25 July 2009

I predict a riot

My guild "Kill Frenzy" is in an alliance by the name of The Evil League of Evil. The guy that organises our events is a chap called Uroo (was Roo but sever merges force name changes). Roo is trying to organise something a wee bit bigger than an assault on Altdorf...

Check out his evil plan here: link

If he pulls this off it will be quite a feat, but will it make any difference? Hmmm I don't know, but if he does get something large scale happening and the gaming press report on it, then at the very least it should elicit a response from Mythic.

Worth a try IMHO.


  1. Personally I think they are improving with the latest patch, but I guess this would be something interesting if successfully done.
    More dev response is good, and it would be even more interesting if asked about this event during game day.

  2. This topic was brought up at Games Day Chicago with some of the Mythic Developers. They sympathize with the Shadow Warrior/Magus plight. Much luck to ya'll- burn and pillage well.


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