Thursday, 23 July 2009

Staying positive is tricky when you have a Magus

My Magus is level 36. I was planning on getting her up to 40 soon.

Problem is its hard to motivate myself to log in with it when it would seem the latest patch has utterly destroyed the already weak class. According to this post and the initial feedback after the patch went live in the US, thing sure aint good... The class is heavily AoE based, more so than most to be honest and to make it worse Mythic has even nerfed a single target spell for no reason too? Not an overpowered ability in any way or form and since Mythic haven't communicated why they did this, we can only assume they simply did not realise it was not an AoE ability... *sigh* That's depressing on so many levels.

Come on Mythic cut out the spin doctor poo, lets see some real solid info that will help people stay positive about your balance patching. I was at an alliance meeting last night with loads of players present and I can assure you that right now there is some immense negativity building up.

Less vague comments, more solid info pls. kthxbye



    Check out the past 2 articles when you get the time, they're all about the Magus.

  2. I play Order 90% of the time. I started with a Bright Wizard at launch and have lived through the God ... Mortal ... God ... updates the class has seen (haven't tried him since the new patch). I enjoy WAR and like many, I suffer from ALTitis. So I also have a Warrior Priest and am currently leveling an Ironbreaker. This way I can experience the game from different class perspectives.

    But why stop there? I decided it would be cool to see the game from Desto's side of the fence. Liking RDPS I decided to roll a Magus because they look cool and wanted to see how having a pet works.

    I knew the class had received minimal love since launch but figured I'd give it a go anyway. It's sad to hear they are even further gimped. My Magus is on the cusp of Tier 2 so we'll see. I don't play him that often but will keep my ears open for any news.

    Magus ... Shadow Warrior ... Marauder ... White Lions ... four glasses that get no love, huh?


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