Thursday 1 March 2012

WAR dev on a right question roll

Keaven is on a mission it seems. Another dev discussion post and this one has yet more sensible ideas to suggest.

Wanted to start a new thread to consolidate discussions on gameplay enhancements/updates for things not necessarily part of the campaign, and not dealing with scenarios. Some things that fall into this category are...

  • PvE Gear Revitalization
  • Addition of new gear pieces to close RvR Gear Gap
  • PQ / Lair / Dungeon Revitalization
  • Talisman Charges/Refill mechanic

This won’t necessarily be for any one patch in particular, but will help focus our efforts over the next few patch cycles.

Uhm wow? Potentially more gear gap fixes, making PvE content relevant again and a change to the bugged yet flawed concept of talisman charges.

2 days in a row with talk from Mythic that I am liking. Keep it up chaps!


  1. I am wondering why they suddenly start to do something. Are they finally waking up after almost 3 1/2 years? It would be nice but i cant believe in that yet.

  2. Well ... after a few patches the pve is no longer important to the game. At the beginning it was very hard to get a group and farm the pve instance to get better gear than ruin.

    Now everyone gets close to worn souverain when he enters T4. There is no need for more pve except they add better items than RR75 weapons.


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