Thursday 8 March 2012

Planetside 2 gameplay videos

OK so some lovely person has put loads of vids on youtube from the Planetside 2 presentation at GDC. Lots of in-game footage and explanations.

These videos may explain why it's Planetside 2 I'm looking forward to far more than Guild Wars 2...

Vehicle pad and flight video with accelerated day/night schedule

Direct link

Outdoor battles, all sorts of carnage


Tanks, infantry, Galaxy transport :) , customising inventory, etc, etc


Campaign map, more infantry stuff, base capture, stats, guilds, etc.


Ground stuff, not much action in it but shows the style of some buildings, etc.


Some nice screenies here too.


  1. Er.. wow? That looks awesome! PvP only too yeah?

  2. Yeah it's 3 factions and all players, no NPCs. They are looking at AI options for the future, but not sure how that will get mixed in and I doubt that will be something that launches. Whatever happens on that front PS2 will remain a purely PvP game.


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