Thursday 8 March 2012

New Warhammer Online website is live

Took a while, but it's finally here and looks fairly good. Most importantly it's actually up to date! Hopefully Mythic will keep on their toes with it and that will help stem off some of the "dropped game" perception within the general MMO community. A little bit anyway. Hopefully 1.4.6 can arrive sooner than the normal patch cycle and we might get a little bit of positivity going. Maybe anyway :P


  1. Waaaaaaat?

    :looks around feverishly:


    About damn time. Mythic-time seems to have finally swallowed up that abandoned piece of infrastructure.

    Nifty looking site though.

    1. Very cool, great to see this finally up!

      1.4.6 is also looking promising, a months resub might be worth it for some fun before GW2.

  2. nice very nice...

  3. 1.4.6 has some decent stuff in it, but Im not finding much to balance the game. Also I wonder if any mmo has EVER been successfully ressurected. WAR is down to ONE server; I do not count the second because it is for Euro people, or some crap. OK, maybe we have TWO servers? I still count it as one - Badlands.

    They, "Mythic" (who i am pretty sure doesnt even exist anymore), or Bioware, or BioMythic, or WHATEVER -- THEY are not moving fast enough. THEY have never moved fast enough. There is not now now has there ever been any meaningful advertising. Even if they fix lots and lots of stuff in the game... terrain issues, the built in buff bots they call RR and gear, or whatever else.. if they fix it all.. it will probably be 12 - 18 months WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too late.

    They are *VERY* slow. And EA technical support is, honest to god, the worst I have ever experienced in my life. And I have 11 years of professional IT experience under my belt, where I spent MANY days on the line to HP, IBM, Dell, CDW, etc just to make sure X got taken care of before the Moon explodes. Technical support is, in general, very bad - but EA is KING at crap support. You may as well just remove the word 'support' and just leave the basic sentiment, 'EA IS CRAP' and you would have a very accurate statement.


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