Sunday 3 October 2010

Skaven zone news - Instanced RvR Dungeon

Carrie Gouskos was on the Tentonhammer podcast tonight and with me being a dedicated WAR reporter, I sat through what was a really fucking painful experience (the bloke hosting was a character) at stupid O’clock to get the scoop. So without further ado, here’s the news:

The new playable area is an instanced RvR enabled Skaven dungeon. A fully RvR experience. It’s an offshoot of the campaign and it sounded like it will not always be accessible. When it is you need to be RR65 or higher to get in. The instance is a 24 vs 24 huge scrap, but also includes some legendary Skaven bosses. A mixed player and mob RvR experience, presumably quite a bit like the new city siege. Which was then clarified further with an example…

Carrie described one of these bosses: Throt the Unclean. Whichever side gets the kill (not confirmed if last hit, more damage or what is required) wins. However Throt turns up with 2 big rat ogres… One of these Rat Ogres goes for Order and the other for Destruction. Now if you get the Rat Ogres health below a certain point he gets disorientated and goes for the other realm, who will then have to deal with BOTH Rat Ogres. Giving you an easier the chance to hurt the boss. The thing is though, remember you’re going to be dealing with Throt, the Rat Ogre AND the enemy players all at once.

Your success in the dungeon is what determines you then getting access to the Skaven classes and being able to go back up to the main campaign as Skaven.


  1. I sense this thing is gonna PISS ME OFF.

  2. RR65, ffs where am I going to whistle one of those up. Of course we need to take into account the new RR speed up.

    It reminds me of Darkness falls, with instancing though. Which really had it's moments.

    Thanks for sitting through it.

  3. Bootae

    Good job mate on the info it makes things quite intresting for 24 vs 24 fights and it would be nice to kill some skaven for some nice loot..

    Oh btw boota check your Wha inbox i got a idea that you might like..

  4. Konfuzfanten - BnQ3 October 2010 at 13:11

    Hmm, the Skaven zone have the potential to become a blessing or a curse:

    Case A:
    All the top guilds go and WAR it out in the skaven zone leaving the above world to us "lower" rr guys. we get a much more leveled playing field for everyone = we get the "5 tier" we have been crying about for 2 years.

    Case B:
    Same as the above BUT the new uber +80 RR gear is only accessible in the Skaven zone which will again widen the gear gap between us and the high end guilds.

  5. Zone ?, This sounds like a RVRVE instanced dungeon and nothing more.

  6. Sounds pretty uninteresting as I've no hard on for Skaven whatsoever. Unless there's worthwhile loot to be had in the progress I don't see the dungeon succeed at all, definitely not if it'll be a one time Skaven unlock. On the rather hand, if it is not, it probably gets old about as quick as the cities due to frequency of occurrence.

    Personally though, an open world dungeon like that without the instance and preset numbers stuff would probably be a lot more worthwhile. Nothing was more fun than trying to claim neat grindspots in Lineage II.

    Never the less, appreciate the information all by itself.

  7. Appears to be Alterac Valley'ish with more boss mobs, a lockout timer and less people.

    Personally I don't like NPCs involved in PVP and content lockout timers are fail.

  8. Sounds like this could be a lot of fun. Looking at the heros on Gamesworkshop it seems Throt isn't anyone special so is likely a minor boss. I wonder just how big this instance is going to be.

    There is the possibility the instance is laid out in a fashion that the 24 players need to split up which could make for some very cool small scale fights in dirty trap lined tunnels.

  9. I've not quite decided what I think about this one yet.

    One one hand it sounds like it will be a lot smaller than what I was hoping for. Yet on the other, I do like the new city (particularly now its not so regular on Norn) and I can see the potential here. Will ponder more and post.

  10. 24v24 dungeon sounds quite small. I was hoping for a full zone ORvR style. Sounds like this is more like a glorified (T5) scen. Oh well it is new content. I quess we will unlock this zone by collecting rats or some such banality.

    Having said that what about new drops or equipment? presumably there will be new gear for the next 20 rr ranks. I am not expecting full armour sets as they have already said sov is the best you will ever get but maybe new weapons or jewelry.


  11. There's 2 full new armour sets matey. One at RR90 and the other 100. I'm not sure where/how they are collected, as while we may assume it would be the Skaven area/dungeon/thing, I remember Mythic saying that the city would remain the top end of the campaign so to speak.

    I'm not so sure about it just being a scenario. More like the city siege itself I'm guessing, but guessing is... well guessing.

  12. Sounds like the campaign is going to be slowed all the way down - I am not against this but I would like to pick up the remaining 4 sov pieces first ;)

    We have to unlock the skaven zone and then fight Throt and then go and get the keep. Hopefully sov crests will rain during this process :)

    But its cool with the new armour. Hopefully this will encourage the 80s back.


  13. Rogozhin - Throt is classified as a Lord in the Warhammer Armies: Skaven book. He's a Master Mutator for Clan Moulder and one of the nine Lords of Hell Pit. As such, I would argue he's not a minor boss. ;)

  14. this could go tits up like the new city seiges.
    people will not want to go into the dungeon against a tough opposition if they wnat to get geared. not the case with all guilds ofc ^^

  15. not sure what to make of this.
    bootae, did they say it unlocked skaven for ALL players? or just those who are RR65+?


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