Thursday 14 October 2010

I’m not touching that with a barge pole. Well… just a little poke maybe?

You have no doubt read the whole EA Louse thing, if not I'm not going to link it as it was down at the time of writing. Basically an (unknown to us) EA Mythic employee who is getting made redundant has gone on a huge rant; slagging named individuals off, ridiculing Bioware and more. The internet community being what it is, this has been gobbled up with pure glee by those that want to hate on Mythic, EA, Starwars, Bioware, the human race, etc. Which in turn is being utterly rubbished by those who think everything in the world is wonderful.

(small edit below in italics)
This then gets a reply from someone that (possibly by accident) made it look like they were a Mythic employee, but it turns out he's merely a friend of the people being slagged off and his post is also rather ranty. Of course his post is also being acclaimed or trolled, depending on what ill informed opinion people want to try and present as reality.

Personally I don’t care about it either way. I like playing WAR and someone exploding because he lost his job isn’t going to change that. I feel sorry for anyone losing their job, but the world is in financial crisis, there are mass redundancies left, right and centre. As such almost all of us are at risk and it’s understandable that people get stressed and wound up. But washing your dirty laundry in public is bad form and lacks class, seriously, unless that’s my supposed British reserve and stiff upper lip kicking in.

I find the whole thing a bit embarrassing to read, yet at the same time I don’t really care. I’ve my own job to worry about, which incidentally I will not be posting a load of antagonistic hate about should I get made redundant. That would be childish. Oh the irony of that previous sentence in a blog about computer games.


  1. Scouse ... class? Wait .. what?


  2. I'm not scouse mate ;) they're my team, but I'm a dirty southerner living in Buckinghamshire. Hence the lack of local team. Wycombe doesn't count.

  3. Who in the world could possibly be hating Star Wars? That's like hating chocolate or fat-bottomed girls.

  4. You have to have a little poke, it's good water cooler chat.

  5. You a Red Bootae??


  6. I so totally am mate :D Mr Justice Floyd ftw!

  7. Perhaps this will become the new "thing" for the internet. Soon we'll be seeing SOELouse and BLIZZLouse. x]

  8. It would have been more interesting if he had actually given an insiders critique on why WAR failed to become "the WoW killer" instead we got a rant. It might be true or not but its just a rant. You could have written it about almost any project known to man.

    I think everyone wanted WAR to succeed on a massive scale. There was a huge community waiting for it. EA has already made it's money back on this game if it hits 10% ROI then that's all it cares about. Releasing 6months early or not doesn't even factor in - it is the same in every industry.

    If you love the GW mythos then I suggest you check out the Dark Millennium Online interviews with the devs. Very low key, long term strategy, vision(!)



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