Tuesday 5 October 2010

If you like Warhammer this mod is one to watch

You might not have heard of Mount & Blade: Warband and if you have, well... I wouldn’t be shocked if you had written it off because of the fairly basic graphics (by modern standards) and the fact that it’s not by some big name developer. And even if you have tried it, you might have found it a little inaccessible and not bothered further. The thing is, if you stick with it past the initial WTF moments you will discover an incredibly deep game with an excellent campaign system and the best melee combat system ever. When I say the best I mean it, seriously it absolutely dumps over everything else from a great height.

The combat system is fully directional, as in; you direct the swing of your weapons, parry direction and the blocking with shields. Also it’s not sloppy like Oblivion for example, this is very slick. No hotbars or button spamming, it’s a very fluid and deep system, yet one that is quite easy to pick up the basics of. An absolute bitch to master mind you… Watch the video below to see how it works:

So what has this to do with Warhammer?

There’s a mod being made by the name of Grim Age and it's a full warhammer conversion for Mount & Blade. This has the potential to be amazing. All new campaign map, factions, races, weapons, UI enhancements, everything…. I don't know if it has multiplayer too, but if so... :) [edit] Yes it will have multiplayer :) [/edit]

Here's a link for you, check out the screenshots. Keep an eye on this one folks.

Oh and if you fancy trying out Mount & Blade, it’s free to download and try a few levels in single player mode. I've been playing this game a lot for months now and I highly recommend it.


  1. That tutorial video has pretty much sold me on this now :-)

  2. If the conversion isn't GW supported it's gonna get shut down hard. Any mod or movie without GW support gets the hammer.

  3. GW's IP police will love this. I am afraid this will be shut down pretty quickly.


  4. Actually guys they will probably be fine.

    GW tend to only close mods or similar down if either there's a law specific to the nation its being released (like with the Damnatus film) or when profit is being made.

    This is why there are well established Warhammer mods for Total WAR, Homeworld, Quake and more.


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