Monday 18 October 2010

Blog roll stuff

I've stripped out all blogs from my roll that haven't had a post for over a month. A shame to see some of those folks stop writing, but understandable if the spark went, it's a hobby not a job after all.

Also if you're a WAR blogger and not on my blog roll, then leave a comment and I'll add you to the list. As long as you're not a whinging numpty or insanely over happy fanboi who can't manage any objectivity, in which case sorry for ignoring you :P

Oh and while I say it's for WAR bloggers, it's not exclusive really. You may have noticed I'll link any MMO blog or in fact anything I find amusing or interesting, hence sites like being on there alongside some of my favourite general MMO/gaming bloggers; like Biobreak and We Fly Spitfires (best blog name ever IMHO, but I am a biased Brit. I would also fly Hurricanes and Typhoons). Though I guess being down to my interests that does rule out carebear MMOs, Tories, sports with insanely high scores and other silly things. Annnnnnnnyway...


  1. Bootae,

    Been following you for a while. I started writing earlier this month over at and wouldn't mind a little plug on your side bar :)


  2. Being an American, I'll always hold the Curtiss P40 as the superior attack fighter over the spitfire. It didn't have the performance at high elevations of it's European counterpart, but what it did, it did better than any other.

    I remember growing up with a painting of Lope's Hope in my bedroom blowing the wing of a Japanese Zero.

  3. P40 was a great plane no doubt, but hard to compare directly with the Spitfire or Hurricane for that matter because of the very different situations it was used in. Superior in the area where the Spitfire became famous, fighting the Me109? Certainly not, but other areas quite possibly.

    It's hard to say though whats best, also with the Battle of Britain being such a desperate situation it's not always clear where the sheer balls of people desperately fighting directly over their homes and families takes over from the norm of what the machine can do.

    Whatever was better or not, i's a great plane the Tomahawk, which is why we also used them :)

    Now had you said the P51 Mustang... Now that is an amazing bit of kit.

  4. I can always use some more readers (like more than 3) so a plug would be great!


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