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Chosen Mastery Guide for the new 40

As a long term Chosen player, I quite often get people that are new to the career asking me how they should spec. I’m happy to offer advice of course, but I figured it might save me regular repetition if I wrote a little guide how to spec a Chosen. There’s no single and comprehensive answer to the question, because as well as the variables that level and renown throw at you, Chosen are also quite lucky in that they have a lot of viable specs. That said, like pretty much every career in WAR there are an awful lot of abilities within each mastery line that are utterly useless and it almost offends me that my computer is wasting electricity putting their pixels on my screen. :P But I’m not going to dwell on the crap bits, since there’s an excellent selection of decent abilities to choose from.

So moving on… I’m going to write this aimed at level 40/realm rank 40 Chosen and I’m only going to post specs that I have tried out and found useful. Also due to the death of wardb I couldn’t use a career builder to post links, so I’ve nipped onto the test server (because it cost me no gold) and screenshotted a few specs.

Oh and before I get into the specs, one other thing… You will notice that for the RvR specs I ALWAYS take Quake. In my opinion any Chosen not taking Quake for RvR is gimped. It is our single most powerful ability from an overall impact on the battlefield perspective. Yes the stagger will get broken by random AoE, but then if you’re warband is throwing down random AoE and neglecting to use staggers, then frankly it’s a crap warband. And yes, you can’t stop random PuGs breaking it, but then you shouldn’t be always playing near Puggies and if you are, well… how you spec is fairly irrelevant in general. Learn to make the most of Quake’s stagger and you will become twice as potent.

RvR Corruption/Discord (Hard as nails)
Right now I play a great weapon spec, but for the majority of the last year or so I ran with a shield and used an expanded (due to higher renown rank) version of this. It’s my all time favourite spec and without any doubt at some point I will go back to it. It works as an all round pain in the arse to kill and a bit of extra CC (Crowd Control) spec and I found it amazing for taking on multiple players at once, though it really comes into its own from RR50+ where you can get Mixed Defences too.

Key abilities:
Quake – obviously
Downfall – The extra knockdown is really handy and the ability I miss most when not specced (other than Quake)
Oppression – A personal 15% damage reduction from ALL sources and the armour increase make this better than crippling strikes for YOU, it has no effect on anyone else which is where crippling strikes is better. However in RvR Crippling Strikes works best when combined with Rending Blade and since you’ll nearly always have other Chosen nearby applying Crippling Strikes, it’s not essential for everyone.

RvR Dread/Discord (the cookie cutter)
This is probably the single most popular spec for Chosen and for good reason. It combines high damage when using great weapons, increased AoE damage, Quake’s stagger AND turns you into a Crippling Strikes AoE delivery system, which is of great benefit to your fellow Destruction players.

Key abilities:
Quake – duh
Crippling Strikes (tactic) – Anyone you crit will do 25% less damage
Oppressing Blows (tactic) – 15% increased crit chance with great weapons
Rending Blade – Every 5 seconds you can do a cone AoE which will most likely crit and apply Crippling Strikes.

RvR Dread/Discord (anti-magic)
I don’t play this spec very often, but I have tried it, it did work and I know quite a few people use it. The trick to it is combining Tzeentch’s Reflection with Hold the Line and getting your disrupt chance very high (80%+ is easy), since with Tzeentch’s Reflection active every disrupt you do will silence the enemy. Combine that further with Siphoned Energy and you can get a reasonable self heal in some situations, as well as a speed buff. What is important to remember however is because of immunity timers, the silence will not always work. This spec can work very well though as a guard for a bombing Sorcerer.

Key abilities:
Quake – yah rly
Tzeentch’s Reflection – Increased disrupt chance and silence for 10 seconds.
Siphoned Energy – Optional this really, but the aforementioned heals and speed aren’t bad.
Crippling Strikes – Don’t forget Blast Wave for AoE applications.
Dreadful Terror – Draining AP (Action Points) and giving them to your group, which is also nice for those bombing sorcerers.

PvE Dread/Corruption (Maximum Tank)
So this one is a pure PvE spec and needs little explanation. It combines Oppression and Crippling Strikes to provide a total of 40% extra damage reduction and then slaps on a 25% parry increase from Mixed Defences for 5 seconds after you block. Since in PvE you’ll block all the time, this means it’s constantly active.

Key abilities:
Crippling Strikes – Reducing damage taken.
Mixed Defences – Further reducing the damage you take.
Oppression – And yet more…
Downfall – Useful for knocking down certain mobs and for things like the Carrion Phase on boss 1 in Tomb of the Vulture Lord
Dreadful Terror – Nobody complains about extra AP in PvE.

So there you go, I hope it was helpful. These are certainly not the only ways to spec, but they are the ones that I like. Good luck and may your RAVAGE always crit ;)


  1. Awesome, thank you so much for this. My chosen is only r24, but this will give me a plan for where to go as I rank up. My question then is rotation, what do you use?

  2. I should have also asked about what stats to stack. I am assuming STR is the primary stat, is that true for all builds?

  3. Nice guide, glad you included the anti-magic build, I think it's a little rare...


  4. Acherale - Yeah it's one of those specs that's not seen that often, but is certainly worth trying out. On occassion I've also run that with Downfall from corruption instead of the Dread stuff and

    Jayedub - Yeah strength is always your primary stat, without it you just won't hit hard enough and will end up frustrated. Most important primary stats are Strength, Wounds, Toughness and Iniative, probably in that order. From the secondary stats it depends what you're doing really, but Crit, Armour, block (depending on spec) and parry, are all important.

    Rotations... This is very situational indeed and the famous "spamming ravage is all you need" is not really true. I don't have a completely set rotation, it depends what I'm hitting, but there are some things I will always use.

    Taunt - remember it interrupts
    Blastwave - AoE wounds debuff, use it early for best results.
    Suppression - Damage is ok and it increases your parry.
    Ravage - for obvious reasons
    Seeping Wound & Touch of Palsy - Because DoTs & barbs are nice to have on anyone that runs.
    Sever Blessing - ALWAYS use this whenever it is available.

    There's loads of other abilities I use regularly tbh. I've got 5 action bars set up, 3 of which are basic abilities and auras.

    Which Auras to use is incredibly variable, but for general solo roaming: Strength, Resists and Toughness. Swapping out Toughness for Damage, Heal Debuff or Action Points as required.

  5. In my guild it's quite popular to run the cookie cutter build, while stacking melee crit and defensive stats (not strength), to be basically a non-squishy AoE CS applicator. Absorb procs from vessel weapons are useful.

    Also, the other selling point of the anti-magic spec is the increased resist buff/debuff, though less so since 1.3.6 :(.


  6. You mofo, you're my hero for my chosen.

  7. ;)

    Acherale - That's a very good point. I've seen quite a lot of Chosen doing that, using for example the defensive sovereign set and/or Tyrant combined with crit and a great weapons for crip strikes delivery wrapped in an almighty box of uber armour.

  8. Thanks much for the info, I suddenly have this overwhelming desire to play my Chosen again!


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