Thursday 21 October 2010

Last nights test didn't go to plan

I couldn't go because of how late it was this side of the pond and tbh I'm glad I didn't sit up for it, as apparently things didn't quite go to plan. ;)

There werea few issues, including one where people got ported to Norsca... And as such there wasn't much time left for people to test the dungeon properly. But even so, that's one big bug discovered. Plus finding silly things like that is what testing is for and you should never go expecting things to be anywhere near perfect.

Thankfully people did at least get to have a crack at the first RvR boss event. Werit has posted a video of it which you can check out at his blog over here.

It looks like a fairly stationary boss with the emphasis more on the fighting with players, but I can't really tell what else was having to be dealt with. We'll find out soon though with the next test on Friday, which I also probably can't make due to RL commitments, but I'll gather any news I can find ASAP.

In other related news, Mythic have confirmed subscribers will NOT have to pay for the RvR Packs to enter the new dungeon. The only limitation is the RR65+ limit, but remember that doesn't mean you'll be able to access all the goodies or rewards from it without purchasing part of the RvR pack, we'll have to wait and see on that one. Also I've no idea yet if that includes access to the playable Skaven or not.

More news as it appears...


  1. The reason people got ported to Norsca/Nordland was that there was a bug that only allowed 1 instance of the dungeon to spawn. So, the first 48 or so got in, everyone else was sent to the starting area. Since they couldn't fix that on the fly, they 'cancelled' the test (even though some got to play through at least the first boss).

  2. Yeah ... was a bummer ... but that's why we test. Hopefully the next one will be of more substance.

  3. Ouch nasty one. That explains some stuff I read that sounded a bit odd.

  4. The bug sounds very similar when I tried to enter Inevitable city from The Maw and was ported to the starter zone (Norsca). This was when I think the city had just closed.

  5. where are you, I see people in region advertising kill frenzy, but you're never with them!
    (test server btw)

  6. err.... advertising in region on PTS??

    I'm busy on Norn mate ;)

  7. And the PTS event the other night was far too late for me anyways, might be there Friday but not looking likely due to RL stuff.


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