Thursday 8 October 2009

Vulture no go

Yesterday I planned to rampage through Tomb of the Vulture Lord, alas this was not to be. Order, damn their pointy ears and fluffy beards, decided to keep beating us to the resources and by the time I could get into the sodding place it was too late to start. Such is the way of things :P

So instead I stayed with a couple of guild groups for an evenings RvR. It was a very up and down night. We got bloody humbled in a scenario by Black Company and another Order premade (didn't catch the guild name), with some horrifically effective bombing wizards, invulvnerable healers and a amazingly lethal Witch Hunter. We to be honest were a bit of a shambles for the first 10 minutes and were facing a 500-5 loss, but thankfully (kinda) we got our shit a bit more together and at least managed to get our score into treble figures. Still a bad loss though, which put me in a foul mood. I don't mind losing, but I loathe it when we're crap. :P That Witch Hunter I discovered was RR80, which explains a few things. I met him 1v1 a few days back and I was quite confident I'd crush him, as I don't lose 1v1 often. Oh no... I got maimed worse than I have in months :P The guy is obviously good but also hits like a truck.

Thankfully that loss woke us up and things for much better from then on, with us dishing out some scenario and oRvR pain. One low point was when in a scenario a filthy dirty cheating wizard was hiding inside the ground and nuking us, only moving out when he wanted to ninja the bomb (Howling Gorge scenario). I'll not post it up here, but needless to say it's screenshotted and being reported, for what little that's worth. We still won the scenario despite his cheating.

I also got my Magus out of retirement. A mere level 37, but having been bombed to crap earlier on, we figured we'd give back the same for a bit. Respecced rift bomb and, well, the rest is obvious. Easy mode tedium, but what can you do :P

Anyways, enough rambling. Time for work :(


  1. My guild has started doing scenario runs on Monday nights. This Monday we were picking up a nice pace, we won 5 in a row, until we hit a roadblock (2 Kill Frenzy parties in 1 Scenario).

    It really does get you motivated to try work out more strategies and find your niche. Hopefully next time we meet with a KF group in a scenario we won’t act like lambs in the headlights of a oncoming truck (43/500).

  2. Scenarios are very up and down for us at the mo. Like many guilds the current WAR climate has meant many of our long term players are on a break and we're often putting groups together that haven't played together so much and/or with new people and lower levels. As a result sometimes it's clicking and we're proper bastards to fight and then other times we get turned over badly :P It's not that people aren't good enough, just that we're more casual and it takes time to get everyone on the same page. We are still getting times where we have a more experienced set of groups up, in which case we don't lose much at all. Sounds like you hit us on one of those times ;)

    There's a couple of guilds from KEP we're facing that have some very tight units, clearly groups and set ups that have worked together for a while. Also the very high renown and excellent gear is telling. Lots of tough fights to be had these days, which is no bad thing.

    I'm sure over time as our new wave of players bed in and we all get tight again, we'll get back to our old consistent "total bastards to fight" mode :D For now when facing KF whilst we might not have perfect groups going, we'll have a good go anyway ;)

  3. Kinda fun when the leader say "Lets go left" on vent and still half of us run off to the right, leader says "Your other left" and they still keep going right and a few sec later you hear Bootae rumbling "Fuck it, lets just run in and die". That's the kind of mood he gets into when we fuck up as bad as we did against Black Company yesterday. :p

  4. It seems whenever we try to plan a VL run the same thing happens. Either the zone is not available or when it becomes available we lose some of our party because it's too late.

    @Menset - I'm assuming you're on Iron Rock ... those Kill Frenzy guys are tough. Then again, how tough is it to run a bomb group? Just slightly a step beneath zerging. I'd love to get beat with skill rather than 1) sucked in, 2) knocked down, 3) Sorced-to-death.

    But they are successful.

  5. My Kill Frenzy on Norn I hope ;)

    And damn it. We were the only Kill Frenzy anywhere at all when we started :P


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