Sunday, 25 October 2009

This one goes out to people crying about Mythic fixing the AP regen bug


It was broken, it got fixed. Gameplay has gone back to people having to actually manage their action points. No more blindly spamming buttons. This is a good thing. There are reasons why people have potions, abilities, tactics and morales that effect action points... That's right, those ones you removed from your action bars ;)

Though it does suck for Black Orcs who just had their abilities costs increased, so I'll let them off :P

Not had any problems on my alt addicted wide range of characters though... Maybe people need to watch their screens instead of rolling their face across the keyboard? ;)


  1. lol harsh? But fair! :D

  2. Burnout was my friend as a BW when I played WAR.

  3. And on the plus side, marauders are now competitive again!


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