Wednesday 21 October 2009

Joy! Glorious joy! (but no expansion news sorry :P)

A wave of positivity is sweeping across the WAR battlefield. And why?

Because today, bless their cotton socks, Mythic fixed the AP regen bug. This festering bug basically meant people had unlimited action points, now that may sound good, but no... It sucked royally, since it allowed people to constantly spam abilities, which only served to emphasise the AoE bombing of doom and was generally dumbing down the game.

That fix alone is not enough to bring such joy, but when combined with WAR running much, MUCH, MUCH better now and, well… we’re finally starting to see the oRvR gameplay many people hoped for.

If Mythic follow this up by quickly fixing the new bug with Chosen (and I believe KotBS) auras, where the graphics for the buff icon don’t fade and you get millions AAAAAAAAND millions (ok up to 16) icons for the same buff over and over, which then causes lag, then I predict yet more eruptions of glee and splendiferous excitement.

Also we’re seeing people returning from Aion. Not everyone returning ofc, but a fair few it seems. Grind filled bubbles bursting at just the right time for WAR. It is a good time to come back and will only get better as more bugs are squished over the next few weeks.

As for my concerns about the campaign, yes they’re still valid. It is lacking the old epic feeling and I’m bored of city sieges already. However, the game is running SO well for me, that for now I’m fairly happily distracted. That said, I’ll be getting back to what needs to change with the campaign later. The game deserves better.

But right now, the thing that was WAR player’s biggest complaint, the poor laggy performance, has actually been fixed! Apart from the chosen bug, but hey, credit where credit is due. GJ Mythic.

Now get cracking chaps, seize the moment! There is still much to do.


  1. I have returned and it has been great fun. I would recommend every one try it again for a month I think it will hook you.

  2. I've seen a handful of people return over the past couple of days wondering where their guild went and whatnot. It is indeed good times. I for one, am quite happy that AP is finally back to normal. Watching people struggle with the sudden change is hilarious.

    Also, what's up with your blogroll? It says my last post is from 6 days ago instead of yesterday. O.o

  3. You fooled me with the title of this post. I read it thinking I would come in to read you rejoicing that Mythic has announced an expansion, a third faction, the addition of the missing capitals, or some other item.

    (bubble pop)

    This is good though, don't get me wrong ... but I was torqued thinking it was bigger.

  4. I think it was my excitment at something positive to post :P

    Hmm blog roll needs a slap...


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