Saturday 24 October 2009

A few quick comments on the latest live event

The daemon moon has risen and with it arrives the latest live event. And it's a good one too, unless you are like my missus and scared of masks. In which case you're buggered, unlike my... uhm... yeah... you get the idea. Lots of masks, LOTS!

If you cant get in game right now, take a look over at Werit for screenshots of the task list. It's great to see this is almost entirely PvP based.

The murder ball PQ is very cool when players from both factions are present. It's like a demented game of rugby/capture the flag. Not so good if no enemy are there to fight, but then that's the case for anything PvP wise and makea no sense to complain about.

The masks themselves are an amusing little distraction. Yes it nerfs your DPS/whatever, but who cares, it's just a bit of fun. I'm not so fussed about loot anyway and have to say I've not even bothered checking my event influence rewards properly yet. As for masks, I think I've got about 6 so far, each of which give you a different blessing style ability when you wear them. Rain of Squigs gets points for the best name ;)

Has to be said, I'm liking the character of this event generally. Probably my second favourite after Night of Murder.

 A HUGE plus was when IC was under siege earlier we could still do the live event scenario. Aaaaand it was popping every couple of minutes. Take that point on board pls Mythic ;)

Oh and here's me in a mask. Oh so handsome...


  1. A Chaos Conehead, methinks.

  2. Was guarding the armory in Praag next to you yesterday... Pity I couldn't walk yet :)

  3. Hah yeah looks a bit bizzare eh? ;)

    Hi Tim ;) Always good to see fellow Norners on here :)

  4. Yes, I've enjoyed this one, too. Surprisingly I'm almost finished with it on both of my main toons.

    With Patch 1.3.2 city siege is where it's at. They are getting a bit boring. So it's nice that the High Pass Cemetery scenario still pops and definitely cool that the Daemonball PQ is up and running in Praag. This is similar to the Wild Hunt where even if the Elf pairing was locked you could still play the Piggie PQ in Dragonwake.

    The RvR focus of this is nice. Gratz on the Bloodletters mask. My luck on the rolls is horrible but I've got a dozen of the Gobbo masks!


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