Thursday 25 June 2009

Not merging and not drowning either.

Going to quote a few posts by Mythic staffers since yesterday's announcement, just to help allay any fears and give some more info.

All taken from this "Breath of fresh air or Mantainence mode?" thread at The Vault

If by maintenance mode you mean a full production staff and pushing forward with great improvements and new content...

Guys, it's still business as normal (a statement I'm sure I'll get torn apart your worst ) in our offices. We are not being put on the back burner, we are still developing WAR and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

In short, we're doing science and we're still alive!

Said it once and I'll say it again...

There is no magic way to reallocate resources from creating new content to fixing bugs, improving server stability and other items which are hot button issues. Anyone who says the opposite has never worked in a MMO Game studio.

Bug fixes and things like Combat and Careers and RvR endgame are all still very important too us, and making them better and more enjoyable is part of "business as usual". The teams working on these aspects of WAR are working night and day to improve upon these areas, just as our content team is constantly at work designing new Live Events, Quests, Public Quests and even more goodies for the players in the coming months.

Please keep your eyes out for the producers letter (part III) tomorrow then. Jeff's top 5 list in part II (Electric Boogaloo) was a primer for that letter.

Not saying that his letter is going to be the OMGTHISANSWERSEVERYTHINGIEVERWANTEDTOKNOW but it will address many concerns and give a good idea of where we're heading in the coming months.

Edit: We're still Mythic Entertainment, an Electronic Arts Studio, as we have been. I've posted this elsewhere, but we're not "merging". We are still a completely separate entity within EA, just as Bioware is, simply now grouped under the same MMO/RPG grouping and reporting to one person, collectively.

So perhaps not going to turn everything upside down. Looking forward to see this part III letter and what we've got coming up in the future.

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