Tuesday 16 June 2009

Mythic's top 5 and Land of the Dead goes live tomorrow (in the US)

Jeff Hickman has posted part 2 of his letter from the producer here. It highlights some of the other good bits about the 1.3 patch, there's certainly more to it than just Land of the Dead. The dungeon lockout changes are a key point for me. Also I was particularly pleased to see this:

...we've already begun assembling focus groups from guild leaders to solo players. We're asking what makes you tick and what you want to see next. The feedback we gather from these groups, the forums, blogs and those of you we play with everyday in-game is very important to us and helps to shape the game every day. I thank everyone who’s taken the time to talk to us – it really is appreciated!

Based heavily on that feedback, our current “Top 5” areas that we are giving significant attention to are:

1) Addressing concerns related to Crowd Control and Area of Effect abilities.
2) Continuing to improve client and server stability and performance.
3) Strengthening and improving the Tier 4 experience.
4) Improving server population distribution – both in terms of overall population and realm balance.
5) Improving itemization and the overall distribution of “carrots” (rewards) throughout the game.

I would say that is exactly right. It goes to show that they are listening and actually do acknowledge the game's problem areas. If they back up that acknowledgement with action, then the future of WAR looks very positive.

And then of course the big news. 1.3 is live in the US! Hopefully us Euros will only be the usual 24 hours behind. I can't wait to get stuck in :)

For my fellow Euro gamers, make sure you check out the pre-patch download GOA are providing. Should save us all some hassle on patch day.

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  1. The pre-patcher didn't work for me and I ended up having to download via the normal method. The pre-patcher was unable to detect the version of WAR installed on my computer. Not a big deal, but a minor annoyance. It must use different code from the 'real' patcher when it comes to detecting WAR client version.


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