Monday 15 June 2009

Chosen + Great Weapon + armour dye =


Not that shields look bad...

I think Chosen are probably the best looking tank class ever. Mythic totally nailed the classic Gamesworkshop chaos style. There's loads of things I love about WAR, but one of my absolute faves is the customisable armour and the way that you can always make sure you have a themed look. None of that clown vomit mixed armour that other games often chuck over us.

Come on you bloggers, show us what you got...


  1. Think I have Chosen-envy. =)

  2. Black Orcs look far better.

  3. Shut yer Black Orc mouth. LOL! just kidding! Chosen are the cat's pajamas though.

  4. Almost as sexy as my magus. Almost ;)

  5. Blorcs do look cool, certainly good enough to be classed the second best looking tank ever ;)

    Rivs it's about time you put a screenie of your Chosen up!

    Kash - Oh yeah Magus do look sweet. Back in the beta it was the first class I tried out and I was sorely tempted. I've got one up to 34 now and am looking forward to getting myself to 40 and some proper armour set stuff. Shame they're not quite as good as they look, though patches after 1.3 should address that if the teasers from original 1.3 are anything to go by.

  6. wat armor r u wearing

  7. Well those screenies were over a year ago... I think it was Invader and Darkpromise at that point.


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