Tuesday 23 June 2009

Handbags at dawn

Lately I’ve been spending a bit of time going into the RvR lakes solo. I’ve changed the balance of stats I use on my Chosen, so I wanted to test him out a in some 1v1 or 1v2 fights and see how I got on. There’s the option of duelling in Etaine on our server, but I’m not quite sure what I think about that. It seems a bit close to renown trading, but then perhaps anytime we fight another player that’s what we’re doing. Renown trading, just with more of a hostile takeover….

It’s been interesting and I’ve done pretty well I think, at least in the fights where I wasn’t ganked by 3+ players. That happens a lot (no shock there) and it’s proven difficult to get many fights where it doesn’t turn into Bootae vs the world. I’m not complaining, this is WAR after all and not some Queensberry rules boxing match. You have to accept the enemy has as much right to gank you, as you do to solo them, but I’m starting to see why duelling is proving popular. If for whatever reason you do want to go mano-a-mano, you’re reliant on the enemy’s goodwill and accepting your challenge, which outside of the duelling scene is not overly likely.

What do you lot think?
  • Is the risk of renown/gear farming too much?
  • Are people too bloody sensitive about a bunch of sodding pixels and they should just do whatever is fun?
  • Or is duelling abhorrent care-bear crap, best left to WoW’s flower power land?

    1. Duelling makes no sense with the warhammer background. Gamesworkshop probably wouldnt approve and it would be silly.

    2. I tried it out last night. There was about 15 of us circled around in Caledor, quite an odd mix of classes too.

      I smoked the witch elves that showed up, and tied with a squig herder. Melee DoKs kicked my ass, and the Chosen I fought scraped out on top, but barely.

      It's an interesting side game, but you really need to get the opposing team on vent. Then it gets interesting, and feedback is your greatest value.

      Loot, meh.

    3. I think its great. It lets you know how good you really are. As far as Warhammer background, meh, leave it to the roleplayers.

    4. I don't like the duels..

      Strangely enough I like to do 1vs1 fights, but I need at least a bit of surprise who I am fighting and when.

      If you accept the fact that you get ganked from time to time by an overhelming force you can find some nice 1vs1 fights out there..

    5. A bit to close to rp framing for my tastes.


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