Monday 1 August 2011

US Gamesday thing

I wasn't there, sorry. I like WAR and all, but I'm buggered if I'm flying across the pond for it, unless someone covers all my expenses :P There shouldn't be much news from Gamesday really, since Mythic had recently said they would only be talking about the next couple of patches there. Whereas Gamescom later this month and then PAX are likely to be a bit different, but.... NDA, blah sodding blah. Though I shall say once again don't expect the 2nd coming of WAR, you're a mug if you do. Set sights low and that way anything is a bonus :D Besides if you don't like WAR right now you must have quit already, as playing a game you don't like would be retarded, obviously. Which should mean anything at all will be interesting eh? :P Personally after that visit to Mythic HQ recently (via skype on a laptop strapped to a chair..) I am still cautiously optimistic.

Anyways, as soon as there's information from reliable sources from Gamesday then I'll post up links, etc. There are a couple of little bits that were things we couldn't mention before, but also some of what has been said on forums already isn't true and the entire thing so far is incredibly biased by opinion. Also, since things change with time and there's that damned NDA, instead of me stating anything that's out of date or I'm not meant to, for now I'd rather post the links to exactly what was confirmed. Which I will do asap.


  1. Wow, you claim to be a WAR blogger but you won't pony up to get the scoop. Mad loss of respect. :P

  2. LOL Yeah I know I'm such a tight bastard :D


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