Monday 8 August 2011

More pics of WAR's new armour sets

More pics are out of the new armour sets, original post here. Notice this time there's a couple (Zealot and Shadow Warrior) with 3D images that show the sets much better.


Squig Herder

Shadow Warrior

Witch Hunter


If not before, there should be further stuff coming out soon with Gamescom in a couple of weeks.


  1. Squig Herder looks great. The Marauder tho? :D

  2. Zealot and the Squig Herder stand out as the best from these for me. Not sure about the Marauder at all, I think it will look better in proper 3D, but the spikes on that helm are just too big.

    The Shadow Warrior will look better in different colours I think, that helm is a bit odd like that.

    Really liking the Zealot.

  3. Mara looks interesting.. so long as one or two bits look good I'm happy.. I'll not be having any of the current rr100 gear as my appearance.

  4. OH GODS! That marauder looks like shit...

    OH GODS! That zealot looks awesome!!!

  5. Where's the buckled hat of the Witch hunter?

  6. Why does the Witch Hunter have candles and a mutated helm?
    even worse than the conqueror helm


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