Monday 22 August 2011

Magus and Engineer pet changes

Steven Engle has posted up some changes that Mythic are planning for Magus and Engineer pets. You can find his post here.

Turrets/Daemons - The current plan is to move ahead with the idea of 4 turrets/daemons. We are working on getting art assets to support this.

-Turrets/Daemons will be instant cast.
-They will have one ability on a 1.5s timer much like an auto attack. It will deal magical damage.
-Turrets/Daemons will be immune to KD/Stagger.
-Turrets/Daemons will inherit all stats from items 100%
-Half of the Turret/Daemons will have an offensive purpose and the other half Defensive purpose
-Cooldown on turrets/daemons will be 30s and each will have an up time of 10s.
-During the 10s, the turret/daemons will have an aura that either effects the enemies or allies nearby.
-Summoning turrets/daemons will be low cost, we want them to be part of a rotation and strategic.
-The turrets/daemons will despawn when a new one is cast or the timer runs out.

Initial Effects for Turrets/Daemons
AoE Snare/damage field
AoE Auto Attack speed decreasing debuff

AoE group Range increaser
AoE group damage buff (increases damage by a percentage and that extra damage is credited to the Engineer)

This will also mean that many tactics and abilities will need to change. All of this is very high level still and we're sorting out specific changes.

The goal is not to make them offensive juggernauts. We want them to provide support DPS/buffs/debuffs and enjoy a higher level of mobility to help in all aspects of RVR.

4 pets eh? Will be interesting to see what the 4th pet is from a lore side, for Magus daemons anyway. Ok as for the changes themselves, well.... I like the concept, but I struggle to see how it will actually work in play. If a Magus player now has to effectively twist their DoTs AND pets, I just can't see how that won't be a total pain in the arse. Will it mean a Twister add on becomes required for Magus and Engineers?

However, Steve did say that "This will also mean that many tactics and abilities will need to change. All of this is very high level still and we're sorting out specific changes.", so there's a chance the whole thing could be sorted out nicely.


  1. My engineer is already an offensive juggernaut in PVE (ToVL/TI etc). I want that to translate better into RVR.

    Turrets are not totems. I do not want to be a buffbot. I do not want to just twist auras and throw staggers. We already have a dedicated support class for that.

  2. hmm... I'm not entirely sold on the change to totems, err turrets. turret twisting will mean either add on use, or a drop in efficiency. not to mention the DPS drop from a pet that shoot 6 shots before dropping.

    change the mechanics from DoT's and turrets to debuffs (AoE and singletarget)state removal(remove staggers etc.)and channeled turret enhancing skills. if you add an aura that affects your group or debuffs all nearby enemies you will have a support caster with a different feel. no direct nukes, no DoT's but still able to deal damage.

  3. Next they should make kotbs auras 5s duration and 15s cooldown yay go mythic

  4. I'm guessing the didn't do this? I never heard this would happen.


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