Wednesday 2 February 2011

A mixture of WAR news for you good folks…

Firstly Andy Belford has left Bioware Mythic for a new opportunity elsewhere. As he puts it on Twitter:

Jumping on the go west mentality...I'm no longer with BioWare Mythic. I'm moving closer to the family and have a great new opportunity.
Thanks to the WAR and DAOC communities for the last 2+ years. Thank to Mythic for all of the amazing opportunities. I'll forever be grateful.

The WAR community over the years has had a lot to say about Andy, alas mainly ill informed bollocks to be honest. Probably thanks to him being the main voice of Mythic and people forgetting the old expression “don’t shoot the messenger”. Andy was the community manager, not general manager, lead developer, etc and would have guidelines and restrictions to work within.

Having actually met Andy in real life I can safely say he genuinely cared about the game and it’s players, can handle a drink and of most importantly is a really sound bloke. I’ve got a lot of time for Andy and I’m sure the WAR community will be worse off without him around. So good luck with whatever it is you’ve got racked up old boy, I’ll see ya in the pub ASAP :D


In other news, the DoK/WP changes are up for discussion here:

I must admit I’m not familiar enough with the workings off the class to know how good these changes are. Reckon I need to look at them while logged in with my DoK to get my head round them. I’ll leave proper feedback though to people that seriously play the careers.

[edit ] Forgot to say.. If you are interested in the DoK/WP changes and have any constructive feedback, please, please post in that thread. I don't know if you've noticed but recently Mythic developers are properly replying and discussing player's feedback and idea. The amended healer changes I mentioned the other day are based directly on player suggestions and feedback. So get involved if you give a toss. [/edit ]


  1. Sad to hear about Andy going, continuity is important.

    With Carrie moving up a slot, this really is a interesting management structure they must have.

  2. Kind of sad to see Andy leaving. He did a lot with not much. Hopefully the next job gives him more to work with.

  3. Real sad to see Andy leaving, TBH the end may be near for me as a blogger and player soon...

  4. [shakrah]
    Even though you may be the messenger, this does not exonerate you from guiding the people you speak for, and hence, while I sympathise with the person, he was still part of an organisation that essentially misrepresented their plans since 05/09.
    On the DOK/WP changes, nothing unexpected, as the short of it is that these changes are to get them into ganking specs, rather than the group utility they used to be. Very 1.4 SoloHammer. And that is me being constructive.


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