Thursday 3 February 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel or a false dawn?

Mykiel had a trip to Mythic’s office today and got to talk with WAR’s developer about the future of WAR. You can read his post here. Unfortunately he’s had to sign an NDA and hasn’t actually got anything he can tell us other than the vague “I was really surprised with what I heard” and “Good Stuff is coming”. Yeah, I know, we’ve all heard it before and been let down hard. FAR too many false dawns in the past, but even so let’s not write it off for now. He's not on their payroll so he's got to be at least a little bit confident in what they've told him.

Mykiel also informs us that we’ll hear the news in the next couple of weeks, which with the imminent release of RIFT is about all the time Mythic have left if they want to retain the subscriptions of what looks to be a large number of their current players. Unless of course Rift has serious issues, which isn’t looking overly likely but you can never be sure, but even then there is absolutely no guarantee people would return to WAR. Mythic need to provide incentive and make the game attractive again.

It’s important to remember that people do want to be happy with WAR, it’s a game we’ve put time and effort into, it has a great IP and it’s always had so much (mainly unreached) potential. We’ve been playing it for 2 years after all, hopeing... I would say it remains redeemable too, that is if Mythic have the backing and balls to do so. It sounds like over the next couple of weeks we’ll find out if they have.


  1. Four new live events. I keep telling myself that. 4 NEW ones.

    Then there's the new scenario mix as well. Hopefully that gets a better variety of people running scens instead of the RR90 train of doom. I know they'll lose their flavor after about a month, but it should be a good month at very least.

    One thing to really hope for is the cross server queuing. I'd love for it to cross the EU boundary as well, seeing as how we have NA players there with few issues, I wonder if it'd be do-able.

    There's things to hope for, and they're great things for WAR, but they just pale in comparison. Almost translucent really when you hold them up to Cataclysm, Rift, GW2, etc... Maybe being so jaded is making us lose sight of something? Maybe...

  2. He is no1 fanboi but tbfh he has put his rep on the line big time with this one. Better hope Mythic have an expansion of Daoc frontiers size or it will be so much TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

  3. Hmm well they are in the middle of expanding the core tester base atm right? Would make sense if they've got stuff to test for the future

  4. hmmmm proper expansion? Full pvp lands? New race? As if LOL! F2P maybe.

    Good Stuff is coming? Yeah right. The only good stuff is coming over his ass as Mythic ride their pet blogger.

  5. A bit harsh Finceh.

    I've no idea what the news will be. I dont want to get my hopes up, only to have them maimed, again. All the things I would want are big asks, unless Mythic really do have some cash and time to have splashed out.

    I do know that if this proves to be nothing I would consider as good then it will probably push me into having a bit of a break while I concentrate on RIFT. I'll keep my sub going for a while at least, but I'm not going to flog a dead horse either.

  6. We know they are nice guys. We know that they can really throw a good breakfast/interviews. However, whatever they "surprise" us with however can only be built on the ruins of populations, realms, classes and RvR they left with 1.4.

  7. I do want to be positive but it is too tiring... If by the end of february Mythic have released any infomation about actual new content I will be really really surprised.

    I am guessing:

    New forts that look exactly like the old ones.


    A new means of utterly gimping T4 campaign.


    Something to collapse the gear grind for lowbie characters. (see your new store interface).


    I think this is all.

    Pet dyes.


  8. Its probably forts... yay new content

  9. Check X-Fire (for trend, not for numbers). I think people did vote with their subs tbh.


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