Sunday 13 February 2011

Goodbye WAR, I'm out

I didn’t play WAR in any great length this weekend, got a few hours in here and there, but all it did was wind me up. For some reason (more so than ever before) the problems we all know about were just really in my face, repeatedly and with little respite. The highlight (or lowlight) of the misery was seeing my Scourge hit a RR90+ BW for 53, critting him for 136 and not going any higher than those numbers (he didn’t have any fancy morales on or anything…), which was amusingly terrible since I had been hitting the lowbie one next to him for 600-1k. Shortly after this I was then practically instant killed by a Slayer who hit me with 13 damaging effects, in two seconds. LOL

Mythic are going to be doing something about this, but who knows if it will be enough? It needs hitting with some seriously big changes, which I do think will happen, but not quickly enough. I honestly do not understand why the abortion that 1.4 has developed into wasn’t addressed urgently already and certainly it’s beyond me why it wasn’t done BEFORE the launch of Rift. Waiting to fix things until after loads of us have become incredibly annoyed, packed full of emo-rage and subsequently changed games seems to be a wee bit like shutting the door after the horse has bolted.

All told, rather frustrating and not much fun. So that’s that, I’m done with playing WAR now until Mythic fix it, assuming of course that Rift hasn’t pulled me in beyond redemption. I was planning on playing WAR and RIFT, but with the game getting worse and worse every day as another person with lots of spare time dings, there seems little point. Real life dictates that I can’t play 24/7 to farm a character up to 90+ to catch up, plus I don’t want to and I resent the game forcing me in that direction. I’ve always played different alts and with a bit of careful gear tinkering I've always done fine and been able to compete even at very low RRs. The fact that the game doesn’t allow that anymore and also utterly gimped my higher RR toons, has taken a lot of WAR’s charm away for me.

Basically this has all confirmed the considerations of my WAR future that I had posted about recently. I’ll log in for some guild admin stuff, but I don’t think I’ll be playing WAR again for a good while. Rift beta next week, followed by the actual launch... In the meantime I’ll be playing Arma 2 and Bloodbowl LE with my friends and guildies.


  1. Oh nooooo :-(


    This sucks really bad, I really hope you'll come back in a few months after 2 patches or so. :-P

    Take care in Rift, I've been thinking of playing there myself, whens open beta, the 15th?

  2. After leaving the tragic brilliance that is Warhammer Online I have followed your blog, I followed your writings atleast once a day for a year and never quite felt the urge to return. Could this be the nail in the coffin?

    Take care and keep blogging.

  3. Welcome to the roll of Warhammer vets who love Warhammer but no longer play :(

    It's a sad club, but there are other games out there that deserve support because they, at the very least, provide good customer service. I hope they do fix it one day but until then I'm a spectator, not a WAR player.

  4. Your new banner is not any more work-friendly :)

    Enjoyed your WAR blogging mate, a great deal. Thanks and take car. See you in 40K maybe, or back in WAR one day.

  5. "Real life dictates that I can’t play 24/7 to farm a character up to 90+ to catch up, plus I don’t want to and I resent the game forcing me in that direction."

    Amen, brother, amen.

  6. Great blog bootae :) I'll see you and Kill Frenzy at Rift!

  7. Hope rift crashes and burns.

  8. Like WAR you mean? :P

  9. Lol at Rift crashing and burning... can honestly say it works better in beta then warhammer ever done. Even the scenarios are better with better pvp.

    Will it be a wow killer, not likely. Dont think anything can move that monster. And if ya think Rift will be Warhammer killer, just ya wait until Bioware releases The old republic. Gosh that bound to be a very intressting company parties.......

  10. Thanks folks :) I will still be blogging away, after all this has never been a pure WAR blog, it's more a what I'm playing or interested in blog. I'll still post about WAR too, as I remain interested and hope one day it has improved enough to entice me back.

    And for the record, me quitting is not down to RIFT, it's down to WAR changing into a different game. It's more like WoW's PvGear today and not what I want. So I would be quitting the game now even if RIFT didn't exist, probably going back to DAoC until something else arose. But RIFT is here and will do nicely, maybe it will crash and burn too, dunno. Something new and interesting to do though while WAR is broken.

  11. Ross (Gorbachov/Arrynoss)14 February 2011 at 14:06

    Very sad day mate. Miss you loads and when the real top notch blokes and gals start leaving, something is drastically wrong.

    I hope things smoothen out in life and in gaming mate. Always up for a drink if you fancy.

  12. Sad day, but not a big surprise. most of the WAR ppl i played with for nearly 2 years have left WAR until they fix the gear gap. i still think WAR has the best PvP/RvR MMO-system, they just need to fix the gear and ill be back.

    Konfuzfanten, BnQ, former Order on Norm.

  13. [shakrah]
    A very sad day for the community as much as for the game, right up there for me when Roo or Rhelia left, or when we guild went AWOL.
    Will continue follow your blog with assuidity, but truth be told, there cant be no coming back from 1.4, the months they took has created unbridgeable core imbalances in specs and stats, even if all gear is equalled.

  14. A sad sad day, really didn't want to see this post any time soon! Good luck dude!

  15. As a healer, I've been slightly immune to the armour/stats issue these last few months, basically because I don't have do damage, just heal it. I've die just as quick as I used to, or seem to, so there's been no real change for me.

    Though as a DPS char, I can imagine that's been a real pain in the ass. Soul destroying in fact.

    Good luck Bootae, hopefully see you around in the future, though not in Rift, don't have the bandwidth for anything else.

    PS - I like the new banner, though it needs more blood.

  16. Thanks all ;)

    Yeah gave in on having a more conservative banner when I saw this one Durt had mocked up :D

    Agreed Skar, its very poor for a DPS char leveling right now. Of course I could AAO leech farm, but why pay a sub fee to do that?

  17. Bootae,
    I assume you play on Badlands? I don't think I have seen you on Gorfang.

    The game can be really frustrating right now. I have confidence they will fix it, but it will probably be a couple of months away. The only way to survive is to run as a guild or alliance group. Folks want to continue to 'solo' in the lakes or scenarios. They simply die over and over and log off. If you are interested, fire up a toon on Gorfang, look me up (Narshak), join vent with our group, and I promise you will have a blast. We don't win them all, but we do well as a groups vs. most teams.

  18. I'm on Karak Norn mate and got a decent guild there, believe me grouping is not an issue ;) Though guild activity is right down cos we're all sick of how the game has changed.

    I still do ok when I play my main, but I like mixing up what I play and that's what has changed for me with 1.4. The patch has made it all about farming up renown on a single toon to get DF and the insane new stats/level boost as quick as possible. That's just not the game I want to be playing. It's turned into PvGear.

    Considering prior to 1.4 you could dabble on alts in Conqueror gear and if you played with some skill you could compete. That's all out the window now, with terrible players auto-winning fights by spamming 1 button and letting their RR+gear do the work.

    So basically that's my primary issue. I like playing alts a lot, but WAR doesn't support that anymore. Unless I quit my job and farm them all up to 90.

    However, if they fix it then I will be back. As well everyone else I play with. But right now I've got about 40 Kill Frenzy going to RIFT, so WAR is unsustainable for us from any angle really.

  19. PS: thanks for the offer though :)

  20. TBFH Norn is way more hardcore than the other zerg servers. Makes even harsher if u play there.


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