Monday 21 February 2011

Guildie willdie stuffie wuff

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this post, but I felt like talking about guilds a little. So if I ramble, you have my humble apologies.

First off as you may have heard, my guild Kill Frenzy is quitting WAR and transferring to RIFT. Yeah, I know I said we’d run factions in both and yeah I know that was predicted to fail, but we have done that sort of thing before without any real issues. The difference this time is quite suddenly pretty much everyone decided that WAR has just gone too far towards PvGear, has become too grindy, changed too much and they wanted to play RIFT instead. Not necessarily because we see RIFT as God’s gift to gaming (it isn’t), but more because WAR isn’t right at the moment and RIFT is a change of scenery. A change of scenery that runs extremely well and isn’t ridden with bugs… Obviously my little borderline rage quit didn’t help and I can only apologise for that, but shit happens, sorry lads and lasses.

One of the guys that that joined KF in WAR made a comment about every guild he’s been in eventually folding or being absorbed. We’ve pointed out that’s not what is happening here, the guild remains, just the game changes. And I suppose those are all the options for any MMO guild. They will have to at some point either:

  1. Move to a different game.
  2. Disband totally.
  3. Be absorbed.
MMOs don’t have unlimited lifespans, at some point they will come to an end and whilst at the moment those stalwart veterans of MMOing like Ultima Online and Everquest are still around, they won’t always be and are most definitely too stale or dated for a lot of gamers. So every guild that played those or any other MMO will at some point have to choose one of those options and that’s before you take in any other factors that impact a guild’s status. Assuming you can keep your guild together, you either evolve or die. Hmmm, an online community going through Darwin’s evolution via the mediums of pixels and voice comms. Trippy.

So with help from fellow KFers we’re about to drag ourselves through the primordial soup of another MMO launch. Delicate, fraught with issues and potentially an evolutionary dead end, oooh the drama! I reckon we’ll be fine, again. Fingers crossed :D


  1. HaHa

    Do you remember way back you had a post stating your guild was becoming a "two game" guild. I said the "Two game" system does not work...especially with a new game?

    Irony indeed.

    As for myself, the fact that guildies I played with 5 years ago are going to Rift and it will be the first time we have gamed since then says a lot about new and GOOD game launches.

    Hope the Official launch goes as smoothly as Open Beta...

  2. Yeah sods law eh, but like I said we had done it before with no bother :P This time it was once again looking pretty solid, but then suddenly there was a real backlash of rage against what WAR's become and people have just stopped playing it. Had 2 people logged in the other night... I think if WAR wasn't dragging along in such a bad state it would have worked out, but alas WAR needs a lot of work. Can't afford to wait in vague, possibly vain hope. Which meant it was time for the tough choice. Such is life.

    The launch is the BIG test.

  3. Hey,

    I reckon I will be playing casually but is it still possible to apply to join the guild via the KF website?

    I really cba to sign up for a new a game and spend the first 6 months looking for a decent guild.

    I am guessing your joining a PvP server? faction?


  4. Recruitment is closed in general, but exceptions maybe made for those I know aren't knobbers ;) Decent apps always considered :D

    PvP server, Guardian.

  5. You still tend to lose some people. I remember my guild thinking of doing the two branch thing when Aion came out.

    Some players ended up quitting WAR, and not joining us in Aion either. Of course most quit Aion the first month too.

    The ones that stayed behind in WAR either quit, changed guilds, or came to Aion.

    After everyone quit Aion they went back to WoW. They have been there for almost two years, but now are coming to Rift.

    Will the same thing happen? Most likely since the guild leader who has all of us brainwashed will be playing Rift. I am sure WoW activities will die off, and players will either quit, move to Rift, or find new guilds on WoW.

  6. It's a bit of a gamble to change game, but we will try to make a swap with our guild as well. Many of of our members are kinda skeptical about any new mmo that is coming out.

    Mmos does not have a good track-record in the recent years, there have been many disappointments...


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