Thursday 13 January 2011

Latest hotfix

Hotfix details below

Realm vs. Realm
Open RvR
•A new version of the “Idle Hands” buff has been implemented in Open RvR. Once a player has been flagged as “Away from Keyboard” (or AFK) an invisible debuff will be applied and any Play as Skaven buff will be removed. Upon being flagged as AFK players will find that their Renown, experience and coin gain has been reduced by 100%, teleporting the player to their Realm’s Warcamp at the 5 minute mark.

As a result of these changes the global AFK flag has now been reduced to 2 minutes.

RvR Weapons
•The Emblem and Insignia cost for RvR weapons with a Renown Rank requirement of 75 and below has been significantly reduced. Please visit the Insignia Quartermaster in Altdorf or The Inevitable City to see these new lower prices.

Combat and Careers
•Trivial Blows: This Renown Ability will now function correctly, regardless of attack type.


The AFK change is ok, it won't do much against the pro AFK leecher, but then nothing ever will. Personally I don't care about this much, though I guess I should what with the effect on Against All Odds that leechers can have. Even so, I find the scenario heal leeching twats dropping out of groups more annoying really.

Cheaper RvR weapons? Good stuff for sure. Now fix the lower RR armour sets and we're really getting somewhere.

Trivial Blows. She does?

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  1. OMG - the frigging solo healer Scenario teams - my plan (although it failed totally - other than to annoy the feck outta the healer while he bounced around) was to just continually swap to his party...

    Ok massive fail - but hey it made me feel good...


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