Friday 28 January 2011

Further healing stuff

Steve Engle is putting somethings out there for discussion in the developer thread about the upcoming healing changes.

As of right now, the cleanse change is slated to go to PTS and will most likely make it there.
Now I want to just spit-ball with all of you, what if we did something like this instead?

All cleanses remain 0s build time with a 5s cooldown.

We do tactic layouts as such that modify cleanse. (please remember I haven't had time to run numbers, but want an idea of what you think conceptually.)

Archmage - tactic that adds a HoT on the defensive target (mirror Shaman version)
Runepriest/Zealot - Tactic that alters the cleanse to have no cooldown, but cost significantly more AP.
Disciple of Khaine - Tactic for Group cleanse (mirror of Warrior Priest's Cleansing Power)

I vastly prefer these options. And the key word is "options", it doesn't break any current gameplay styles and gives us alternatives should people want to play cleanse monkey. Much better.

And I like to see the developers talking and throwing ideas out, please continue :)

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  1. I have to agree you Bootae. It becomes a choice.

    Aslong as the AP cost is not frightening. If you need someone filling in the role, they can swap in a tactic and do it, but without annoying everyone else with the change.


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