Tuesday 18 January 2011

Bootae's Angry Blog?

I’m very aware that lately this has turned a bit into Bootae’s Angry Blog when talking about WAR. Yet I don’t think I’ve been unfair as of yet, I’ve always strived to remain as objective and fair as possible when writing about games and whether people like it or not, I can only write about what I see happening. Unfortunately there’s not really much hugely positive that I can write about WAR right now, other than me going off on great flights of fancy. For some reason Mythic have gone very quiet and I don’t know why. Developers forum posts are few and far between, the Herald isn’t giving anything away and Carrie has vanished from public life. Though regarding Carrie, with the rather pathetic personal abuse she gets from anonymous internet warriors… pffft who can blame her. Still, that’s part and parcel of being an MMO dev/producer/whatever and I find the lack of news disturbing.

It could be they have something up their sleeves, or it could be that they’re reeling a bit from the 1.4 backlash. Or perhaps from real knowledge of subscriber numbers perhaps it’s all a storm in a tea cup and the issues we’re seeing are just because of who is in our personal gaming circles. I find that one unlikely myself, but really I have no sodding idea what’s going on. I just know it would be good if we could get some proper future news, to spark up some new conversation and bring a bit more hope if anything. Everything is a bit flat.

That said, I’m still enjoying playing my Shaman and am experimenting with different specs a lot as I try and find a comfortable hybrid style. Thinking about dabbling with my Zealot more too, in pure DPS mode. Which will obviously piss people off for daring not to heal their over-extending psychotic backsides, but meh… I’m so past being Mr Lovely right now. :P

In other news we’re only a month away from the pre-order headstart for RIFT. I’ve had some excellent feedback regarding PvP from friends and guildies who were on the last beta test, so I will be intrigued to get some hot player action myself this time. Last test I was so absorbed with the rifts and experimenting with soul combinations that I didn’t get any time for PvP. Also I’m hoping after this beta I might actually make my mind up about what class to play, but that’s a topic for another post.


  1. I feel your pain. After discovering the Soul Planner I have changed my mind again on what I want to play.

    I thought I really liked the necro/lock/dom spec, but after playing around with the Soul Planner I think I have changed my mind again.

    I guess I will see how I like playing Ranger/Marksman or Marksman/Ranger better than the above soul combo.

    I like the idea of being less squishy. Having a longer range for shooting, snaring with the pet, but I don't really see any way to heal myself back up with spells.

    So I guess I figure out is being squishy with healing hots better, or wearing better armor, and stronger pet a better combo.

  2. You aren't being angry at all, just accurate. If anything you're being a little generous. One of the reasons I keep reading your blog even though I no longer play is that I know you'll tell us honestly when the game is ready to be played again!

  3. I agree with the above poster.

    I recently left because huge gear imbalance and the lack of a good production, WAR feels "thin".

    Still I continue to read your blog too see what the future holds.

    Im not going to Rift. I actually play WOW again and seeing what they have done to the PVP, I must say that WOW is more of a PVP game now then ever. It even matches WAR in a number or aspects. Maybe not in the Realm vs realm, but its definietly more competivive.

  4. Agreed with 32ndlaw. You're not being in any way mean or overcritical of the game.

    I've been out of the WAR game for closing on a month now, but my sub only recently ran out. I simply had no desire to play the game.

    Having my two mains be classes with real issues might be part of that: White Lions sub-sovereign (rr70, wearing Warlord\Dark Promise) at this point feel underpowered now that offensive Doomflayer wearers can probably 2-shot me. I also have an rr73 AM - but with the survivability issues (namely we have to stop healing in order to run away and survive) being exacerbated by the new highs of power in the new sets, he's a whole lot less fun to play .. in any spec.

    But I think the BIG thing that did it for me is the community. I don't think there's anything wrong with the people - this community has got to be one of the most respectful and helpful I've come across in gaming .. if you ignore the trolls - but rather what they're saying.

    I transferred from my old server after my guild left for Badlands, due to one of our main members getting banned for something or other he deserved. Long before I left, though, I was hearing rumblings of discontent and regular cries of "that's bullshit, X should not be able to do Y to me" - and that tone has continued to persist and spread ever since.

    Upon arriving on Karak-Norn, I found myself a guild and started playing with them, getting in vent, participating in dungeon runs etc. Then we did PvP. That's when it stopped being enjoyable.

    Having everybody you play with bitch about the game you're playing, and having people rage quit, takes the fun out of everything.

    How many of you can genuinely say you play with people who don't bitch and moan about the game at some point, now?

    In a game that needs you to group to succeed, the community really is doing a good job from discouraging grouping with their incessant negativity.


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