Friday 14 January 2011

Changing things

I've been pondering on changing the look of this blog for a while and after reading Scaryboosters excellent interview with Tobold yesterday I've decided to get cracking on that. Particularly in making it a bit more "sneaky reading at work" friendly as I know from my visit stats that I get a lot of hits during the working day both from the EU and over in the US... You collection of international office slackers you :P

I've once more requestioned the talents of legendary Kill Frenzy video producer Durtbocks to design a new, slightly more discrete banner, but for now the old shouty one remains ;)


  1. yhaaaay i no longer have to worry about my boss spotting me reading this blog :D

    white page is sneaky =)

  2. Yeah the wiki-esque look is much approved. Stealth surfing ftw.



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