Tuesday 10 November 2009

Storm in a tea cup or turd covered fan?

Ok so what we know is:

EA have made 1500 job cuts, some of which (apparently 80) are from Mythic.

Other than that we don't know anything.

Various people who claim to have insider knowledge are saying that it's all of Mythics creative staff gone and the whole studio is now in maintenance mode. That's what they say, but there has been nothing from EA or Mythic to confirm this. They could be right, or it could be the usual shit stirring. Certainly some of the so called experts/insiders/whatever are people recognised as having an axe to grind and they've sniped at WAR with every opportunity, so whilst I'm not writing off what they say, I'm certainly not taking it as gospel either...

In fact be they good or bad, I would recommend not taking any forum "experts", bloggers or anyone stating facts seriously. Speculation and rumour, not a lot else yet.

It boils down to this: We don't know anything and will have to wait for confirmation. Not that it sounds great :P


  1. It does sort of sound like maintenance mode, but I reactivated my account because I miss the instant pvp action compared to Aion.

  2. I'm hoping-hoping-hoping that this is all being blown way out of proportion. Thank you for being the voice of reason here, Bootae - way too many folks are taking this forum post as apparent gospel and proclaiming WAR a "dead game walking."

    I still want to come back to WAR - but not until a few of my own personal issues with the game are ironed out, which is why I'm not ready to believe this with conviction.

  3. Isn't Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online still breathing? And when exactly did those games first launch? If those games are still around I'd imagine we'll see WAR for at least another year or so (maybe more - fingers crossed).

    Ultima just launched the Stygian Abyss expansion 2 months ago and I can't imagine its player base to be bigger than WAR's (or is it?)

  4. Well all we can do is see what's said over the next few weeks. It's far from unknown for EA to reduce size and then recruit again as required, a bit like seasonal hire and fire in the pub trade.

    UO has been running since 1997, EA took over about 2001 I think it was?

  5. Well the first Mythic statement, make of this what you will:


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