Monday 2 November 2009

Make it stop… please

This city sieging crap is rapidly getting painfully annoying. In my guild we’re mostly adults (at least physically) with 9-5 jobs, so we won’t get back home from work at least until 6pm, then there’s sorting out dinner, getting the kids to bed, pretend to listen to the wife, tell the Chav scum dealing pills outside to shut the feck up, dodge the bottles they throw at you, go back outside with a cricket bat, trade obscenities in the street and leg it before the old bill arrive…uhm… yeah, maybe that’s just where I live :P

Anyway, it means we can’t really arrange to meet up online until about 8pm UK time. Now, this was fine before 1.3.2, but since the patch every single time we’ve arranged a guild event we’ve logged in to find a city siege under way.
I could cope with this when it was occasional, but seriously guys… every time? And of course if we do join in, then everything’s knackered because the siege is already underway. We’ll most likely find all the good competitive instances are full and we’re stuck with either an empty instance, or one where one of the factions has a constant cycle of people quitting due to being outnumbered or bombtarded. Of course we could wait for it to finish, but generally after a city siege it seems half the server log off, too depressed by its monotony to stay on. So we’re proper buggered.

With the real life commitments many of us have, it’s not like logging in earlier is an option and nor should we have to. Please Mythic do something bloody quickly, I’m not sure I can wait for the next patch. It’s already got to the point where rather than logging straight into WAR with me all happy and full of destructive dreams, instead I first log onto ventrilo, ask what’s happening and if it’s a city I’ll probably choose to play Football Manager or EVE instead. Or smash my face repeatedly into the wall, that’s a bit more entertaining tbh.

Dragon Age Origins comes out this week. Now let me see… play epicly awesome new RPG, or get bored and depressed by WAR citycrap? Ooooh tough choice :P

PLLLLLLLLLEAAAAASE MYTHIC! Do something sharpish, because the patch’s negatives are doing a great job of ruining all the positives. Not that this was obvious or anything. Sorry for the sarcastic I told you so, but it was obvious and try playing on Karak Norn these days.. Actually Mythic posting on the EU forums would be a start.

In the meantime… Dragon Age… hmm tempted by a Dwarf, but I always pick them. Hmm.
Oh and FM2010 rocks ;)


  1. Nail on the head! With spades!

    Same situation for me ... from 9-5 job thing, to family thing, to logging in to find it's city siege time.

    So on Karak Norn, is it your city getting pummeled or are you guys in Altdorf doing the pummeling? Here on Iron Rock, Destro seems to be permanently renting space they're here so often.

    At night when I login, they are either in the city or close to getting in. And once the siege is over, they turnaround and flip it again in the span of a few hours. We can't even react, it's pathetic. It's such a joke, for the heck of it I logged in this morning before I went to work. At 7:30 a.m. EST they were in the city. At 7:30 IN THE FLIPPING MORNING! There's not typically a lot of population playing during those hours that they should be in there at that time of day. Should the city of either realm be on farm status like that? I know Dark Crag had this problem with Order owning the IC but they still had to go through Forts. A bit more difficult, I would say.

    What that tells me is with a small number of Destro, you can succinctly flip zones and lock pairings. Perhaps half a warband. BOs are no problem and with the right group neither are keeps. It's way too easy. Destro owns the lower tiers, too, so that makes it even quicker. I've never seen zones flip this fast. A fort would prevent that from happening because you needed some serious numbers to topple one. Now ... no speed bump.

    I heard 1.3.3 and the underdog system aren't coming till between Thanksgiving and Xmas. By then if things continue, will much of Order simply quit? I'm no quitter and I'm one of the biggest fans of this game around but I'm finding it difficult to want to even login. It's defend or nothing. I play WAR for the PvP not the PvE but if I want to play I guess I need to cozy up to Lost Vale and Vulture Lord. Yea!

    There are surely other games I could be playing that are worth my time. I hope Mythic has some sort of trick up their sleeve.

  2. It goes both ways on Norn to be honest. We've had a few more Altdorfs than IC lately, but it's still pretty mixed up. Order tend to be more dominant during the day time and us Destro in the evening.

    If that time estimate is right... man that sucks.

  3. On Phoenix Throne (NA RP Server), we for some reason don't have this problem with city sieges. We (destro) have locked Altdorf to stage 2 twice, but only during organized pushes. During the week, the fighting is pretty intense and each side does its best to stop flips, etc. It seems both sides put a premium on keeps and defend them at all costs (last night, not ONE keep was taken during primetime despite a few attacks by each side).

    I am a PvP player all the way, but to be honest, this patch has led me to explore other aspects of the game. I have a Blorc that's almost out of t3 even though I swore I'd never play a tank. My guildies and I have been farming LV and have been getting farmed by the 5th boss of TOVL.

    After the patch came out, cities were ruling the day (1-2 per day, which is low compared to other servers), but a 2 hour straight up PvP brawl wares me out.

    Do yourself a favor next time a city is pushed, have the whole guild roll a new alt together, go take down some lairs, run a dungeon, or go for some tome unlocks! So the next time you log in, you are fresh and ready for a fight and not so burnt out of the same 'ol, same 'ol.


  4. Personaly I have no problem to go hardcore RvR for like 6 hours straight, however, as soon as their's a City Sige I just log or go on an alt to farm Order in the lower tiers.

    Sure it's fun in the lower tiers but I'd rather play my main in t4. If they could just keep the scenarios going while the city is under siege that would atleast give us an option to loging or roll alts. PvE is ofc another option but that means I'd be living in dungeons every evening as the situation is now on Karak Norn, and I'm playing War to kill players not bugged NPCs.

  5. I'm just learning what having your city at 1 star means ... slowly.

    Having never had our city at that rank before, I don't know what we have and what we don't. So if anyone has insights that would be helpful. So far it appears we lost our flight master in the guild hall. And if I'm correct the Sentinel dungeons are closed.

    Is that it or is there more?

  6. Bootae, you could always go and play a lower level character?

    You know I agree with you about this all.

  7. Sometimes I do go do low level characters stuff, I've got a lot of alts to say the least ;) But it's frustrating when I want to use one of my 40s and have my options so shafted.


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